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Need a idea for tea just had toothout xx

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Hello everyone.

I've just had a tooth out and have been told i can't eat out crunchy or hard. I had soup last night and really dnt fancy it, i aint had out to eat today apart from a smiley face of my nieces. So im not on a certain day, has anyone got any nice ideas, i was thinking omlette or something on that lines x x
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I lived on pasta n sauce (mac n cheese flavour) or cottage cheese and pineapple when i had my tooth out mine was a very diffcult extraction after an accident then I got dry socket and it was nearly 3 weeks before i could crunch so hope you heal well !!
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Awh ta everyone,

I am so hungry thou i'm like not wanting to eat. LOL hmmm a few choices to pick thank you everyone. They said i might not be able to eat hard stuff for a few days, he just said mash to me and i was like the only thing i can think of with mash is potatoecakes.

It's awful espec when he littrally pulled it out with a pair of pliers, i honestly thought that was a joke haha x x
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i know exactly how you feel it too the dentist 45 minutes to pull my tooth out because it had smashed in the gum from my accident and she keep getting different pliers out!!

Did they tell you to rinse it with salt water? BUT not for the first 24 hours ?

I really feel for you i was starving but terrified to eat.

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Yeh the salt water thing i'm so looking forward to doing that, i'm only guessing it may hurt!
That sounds painful hun i feel for u, they sat me up and pulled mine out i thought it had been done ( yes im dizzy ) and he sat me up and came at me with these tools i was like omg i thought they used like dental things to pull teeth out not Pliers haha. Then i had walk out the dentist with this cotton thing in my mouth it was yak lets say!

I have go my boyfriends tonight and he lives 20miles away so i'm trying sort myself out now, it is really hurting! I really wanna go see him coz his sisters just got engaged and i hardly every see her coz she lives in Liverpool city so i have been waiting weeks see ring! I'm such a girl x x
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I lived on mash and gravy for the first 2 days after having my 3 teeth out a couple of months ago. Then upgraded to pasta and other soft foods. I couldn't manage to chew at all and found it painful just opening my mouth.

Oh and you could make smoothies... Yes you'll have to syn them, but the chances are that you won't be able to have too many syns right now anyway. Plus you won't be able to eat fruit so it's combats two things.
hiya , i know that feeling of having a tooth out, just yesterday i had my back bottom wisdom tooth pulled out. I still hurts but im persistant lol had a lovely omelette today for my tea with some grated cheese. I used tomatos which i softened up. the cheese was from my extra easy. Was lovely , also added some herbs which gave it a bit extra flavour. went down well and i managed to chew it fine. Still theres some great ideas from the ladies. i would think yogurts go down well too. Im sure in a few days or so you will be able to manage much better so take care and good luck , hope it heals quickly xx
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Hello Linz,

That sounds yummy, its still sore now not really eaten today it's killing me two days on more. I keep doing salt water thing but it aint really doing out.
Just hope it's gone for Sunday looking forward to trying my first SW sunday roast haha x x
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Have you tried couscous as someone suggested? When I couldn't really chew for a week or so I ate alot of couscous and weetabix, not together!
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Thats something i can honestly say i've never had b4. Is it rice?

My mouth is still sore, i was bad in work and had a chip and it hurt my mouth so i'm still on soft food for the weekend by the looks of it. :-( sad Shelly x x
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Umm it's sort of like rice I suppose though not really...I don't know how to describe it. :giggle: You can easily eat it without chewing and it's soft so might work out well. I buy the preflavoured stuff that just needs a kettle to cook. It's the perfect lazy food and quite tasty.:)

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