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Just Do It........


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You look absolutely amazing!!!

Mega congratulations and well done!!!!!!
WOW !!! you look fantastic - like a completely different person :D

thanks for sharing....

Debz xx


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Thanks for your lovely comments everyone.

"what inspired you to keep going on the tough days??? What pushed you to finally lose the weight in the end?"

Well Faustina, what pushed me to lose the weight in the end was 2 things - Firstly I was terrified that my weight would shorten my life and take me from my family too soon. The thought that I might leave my 4 year old motherless by by own hand was too too much. This was bubbling under and coming out in the wee small hours of night to haunt and terrify me - then I went on holiday last summer and decided I couldn't face another holiday feeling so terribly unhappy and self conscious in a swimsuit. I came home and went straight to Lighter Life.

What kept me going? Facts and numbers - Understanding that it was simple, if I stuck to the very low calorie diet rules, I was guaranteed to lose the weight by this summer. It couldn't fail. I loved the security of that and knowing that my part was simple, I just had to stay abstinent and the numbers would add up.

well done on your loss you look great :D

Can I ask if you have had any problems with excess skin, as I am the same height and also had around the same starting weight and looking at your before pic we are/were similar shapes?

well done


From Fat to Fab!
That is amazing!! :D Congrats to you on such an amazing weight loss, a real inspiration to read, I'll definately be looking at your pictures when I feel like Im going to give up to remind myself that it can be done!


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Can I ask if you have had any problems with excess skin, as I am the same height and also had around the same starting weight and looking at your before pic we are/were similar shapes?

Hi Nee
I have been quite lucky wrt the skin thing, my skin must be fairly elastic. I have got a little puckered at the tops of thighs and arms - not hugely noticeable. And my tummy will also not be spotted in a bikini as it is a bit like a deflated balloon. Some people experience far worse with a far smaller loss, and I think your skin type and age has so much to do with it so everyone will have different experiences.

You look pretty young so that will stand you in good stead. I am 38, I reckon if I had left it a few more years it would have probably been worse.

Also my weight loss has been dramatic - 10 stones in 9 months. I think that in 12 months I will have a better idea of how things are. If I am not happy I have no qualms seeing if I can be put on an NHS waiting list for an abdominoplasty or saving for one myself. I will wait and see how the land lies in a year.

The bottom line for me is that the weight loss and the difference it has made to my life far, far outweighs having a little bit of saggy skin.

Good luck with your weightloss.

I agree with your last comment Peony, am about 10 years older than you and I have a lot of lose skin at the tops of my arms, legs and round my stomach but you can cover them with clothes and still look good, it is far better to have the loose skin than the 7 stones that has gone.
Bren xx

Your transformation is awe inspiring!

You look gorgeous and have a really positive attitude - what an inspiration!

Kirstie x


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stay abstinent and the numbers would add up.
Wowsers and congrats! I have a little book with inspirational quotes etc as I'm trying to take my weight loss slow and steady and make sure it's a life change rather than purely a diet this time :) I am about to add the above :D thank you x


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Such honesty and positivity is a real inspiration. Well done, you look amazing xx

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