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Just had my last meal

Starting l.t first thing in the morning I have to be honest and say im looking forward to it but dreding it as ive done it before so i know how hard it is but i also know it can be done I got to 11st 9lb last time and stupid me put it back on so im going for round 2 except I aint putting it back on this time last time a friend and myself done it together but this time its just me:( so I going to use to forum as my new best friend
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Im dreading the coldness the longing for something anything but im looking forward to being so bored that my house shines
looking and feeling great
clear skin shiny hair(from all the water)
for my kids to say im skinny (not that they call me fat but when i lost weight the last time I remember my son telling me how pretty I was)(he was 7)
and most of all getting into my clothes in the spare room they have been there for a bit now


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Good luck, If you have done it once, you can do it again. Plus the weather should soom be getting better. Keep wrapped up warm : )
all set for tomorrow now ive my blender out and all ..Im thinking positive though this time next week ill be under the 16st (hopefully a good bit)
Took my first shake(vanilla with a spoon of coffee) and some water im finding the water hard already :( but im looking forward to a lighter me tomorrow :)
Hi, I find a little tip with the vanilla shake and coffee is to add more water once its all mixed up... the thinner it is the more it seems like a lovely cup of milky latte! And for your chicken soup add a teaspoon of chicken bovril (not oxo cubes). Bovril is low, low, low in cals and carbs... doesn't affect your weight loss but makes the soup delicious!

Good luck...
do you have it hot or cold?
just been having a lok online and ive picked out a fab outfit for my hols thats going to keep me motivated im going to print out the pic so if i feel like giving up i can see what i wont be wearing
The vanilla latte is better hot as it just reminds me of lovely milky coffee with a spoonful of sugar.. I always like to drink this in the Winter... but I reckon it would work well with crushed ice as a summer drink too!!!! The secret is not to let it get to thick... I make all my shakes, soups etc with 300ml+ of water....not the suggested 240ml...

Seems to be more filling strangely ...

Let us know how your weigh in goes today (13th)

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