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Just joined, hello everyone!

Hi, I'm starting the slimming world diet on Monday and think I'm going to need a bit of support (I'm following the diet from home as I can't afford to join a club) so thought I'd join here. I've tried to diet several times recently, I always lose a bit in the first couple of weeks, and then my willpower seems to disappear and I give up and put it back on again! My goal is to lose around 3 - 3.5 stone and be comfortable in my size 12 clothes again, and this time I'm going to get there!

I know a few people who've used slimming world and lost loads, and have managed to keep it off so I'm giving it a shot. I'm vegetarian so will only be doing green days and will be weighing in on a Monday morning.
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Hi there,

You're in the right place for support, reading up the diaries and threads on the various diet options is really useful too...so welcome and good luck...am sure you will do great : )


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