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Just started PP - how many points in an egg mayo sandwich on WW bread?

Hey folks,

I've just this week started WW Pro Points and am slowly but surely getting used to all this point calculation.

Does anyone know roughly how many points are in an egg mayo sandwich (Sainsbury's egg filler and 2 slices of WW bread)?

Also, Weetabix - 2 of them plus 1/4 pint of milk, is it 4 or 5 pro points? I've been reading these pages all week and there are a few variations as to what the points value is!

Thanks for your help!

Nicola xx
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You are 3pp for two slices of ww bread if it's the bread that states it's 1pp pet slice. With the egg Mayo filler the tubs Hsiang have the NV's on them per 100g so I work out the whole tub then take it from there.
Sorry I can't help with the cereal, not a fan x
It's because of the rounding. For example, if something was 1.4PP, it would be rounded to 1PP. But if you had two of those, it would make 2.8PP, which clearly rounds up to 3PP. If you put the nutritional values for two slices of bread into your calculator, it will be three.
This happens for a few things, though it does also work the other way for somethings, ie. one may be 5PP but two could be 9PP.
It's always best to calculate using the nutritional values for what you're actually having, then you can't go wrong :)
Yes I'm not a fan of 1+1=3!

Only just worked out that aunt bessies yorkshires r 1=1pps but 2=3pps. Boo hoo. Also normal sliced bread 1 slice = 2pps but 2 = 5pps!

I'm reluctant to work out 2 crumpets! I just know it's gonna be 5 pp's not 4!
My leader has been back and forth with WW HQ for weeks over that, and there seemed to be some disagreement for a while, but in the end they've said you should count the higher value, ie. even if you have one in the morning and one in the afternoon, you would count it as 5PP.
To be honest, on this, on the old plan, it was the same- two slices of 0.5 point bread were 1.5. For the whole summer, every week day, I had four slices of bread for my lunch and always counted it as 2 points, not three, and I had consistently good losses. If you miss a point here or there (let's be honest, it's about half a point really, although they don't exist on PP) it's not gonna affect you too much...

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