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Just wondering...

I am eating between 1350 and 1680 calories daily, depending on how much I exercise (I eat the calories I burn on most days). In my first week I lost 6lbs. I think quite a bit of that was water weight, though, it seems a bit excessive to think it was all from fat storage. This next week should be more accurate; or at least it would be were it not for...(warning: too much information!) my Aunt Flow's time to visit this month ( :sigh: ). I am still hoping for a 1lb loss despite the bloat that occurs with the visit.


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I'm on between 1100 and 1850 calories per day, as with MzMonday it depends how much exercise I've done. I eat most of my exercise calories. I lost 2.5lbs last week. (but was a bit 'bunged up' :sign0131: on my weigh in day!)
This week I'm going to be TOTM, plus I'm not well at the moment :sick: so I've no idea what the scales will say!

Sorry if that was too much info!!
I hope you get to feeling better, Munky. Being sick is no fun and it just slows everything down. Who wants to count calories when they feel sick? Just rest up and try to get plenty of fluids.
I'm eating around 1300-1400 a day and generally lose 2lb a week. I hit a plateau a few weeks ago and I think I'm finally off it.
Plateaus must be terrible, it feels like you aren't making any progress but really, you just have to wait them out. When is your next weigh-in, EveryRose? Best of luck with it!

Not looking forward to my next weigh in. It's not that I have been bad, because I haven't - but with the monthly visitor...well, you never know :sigh:
I'm eating around 1400 a day :)
I'm not supposed to go over 1000 cals a day and so far so good. I'm on day 4. day 1 i had 566 cals, day 2 825 cals day 3 589.I don't go back to my clinic to get weighed for another 10 days so I have no idea how much I will lose I'll let you all know on the 18th oct.


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Jenn - Are you just eating regular food, not CD/LL? That seems very low calorie-wise for calorie counting.....
I'm just checking you're getting all your nutrients!
Hi Munky, No I'm no longer on LL or CD after trying both diets 4 times I've finally given up! I'm on the national slimming centre diet it's appitite suppressiants along side a healthy diet.It basically doesn't make me hungry hence why I'm not taking in too many calories.

If you're not hungry it says not to force yourself to eat. Obviously I'm eating when I am hungry.


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Glad to hear you aren't going hungry!
I've always found that when I reduce my cals too much, I end up breaking my diet as I feel too restricted and rebel!!
Yeah I know what you mean. But I need to sort it out now. I've got so close to goal 4 times on CD and LL and this time I'm not going to break it no matter how hard it gets. I'm lucky they gave me extra tablets for the sweet cravings. It's actually worked so far so good.


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I don't think tablets would cut the mustard with me, unless there were about 20 of them, and they were chewy and sweet flavoured....!! :giggle:

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