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Hi everyone

Just to let you know I have just heard from Kam and she is doing ok and the OP went well, she is now recovering.

I promised I would let everyone know, so everyone join me in sending get well vibes to Kam

That's brilliant news Victoria .... thanks for letting us know :)
Thank Victoria. Will be thinking of Kam, and sending positive vibes to her.
Ann x
Please pass on my best wishes to Kam next time you're in touch with her, babes!!!

Oh and thanks for the email - speak soon, hun!

thats wonderful news! i have spoke to kam on msn on a number of occassion and i know it was getting her down!
pass on my best wishes!!
Thank you so much for posting that. I hope Kam feels back to her usual self very quickly :)
Thanks Victoria,

That is brill news and I hope she will make a speedy recovery...I have a candle burning away for her.

Love Mini xxx
I'm back!!

Blimey! :eek: Thanks everyone for you rmessages of support! :) I never realised how much everyone cares about me.
Well I couldn't stay away any longer!!! lying in bed relaxing just isn't me so I'm up and about today. No choice really as Andy has got work for the next few days :( and I need to sort out the kids for school. Have a mate coming to pick Toby up and drop him off this afternoon. Ollie gets the bus so its just me and Sophie for a few hours until my Mum pops over later.

Well the operation went ok. I now have totally feeling back in my hand! no more pins & needles! But they have said I won't get the feeling back in my boob :( but I still have the other one!!! Very tired, swollen, bruised and generally feeling weepy and sad but hey things could have been alot worse! Hopefully thats it on the operation front for a while....another is likely :( in a few months time if the blood doesn't disperse they have drained it as much as they could but the consultant said he didn't want to remove it totally as it was so big my boob would have had a huge dent in so I may need it drained again.
Diet wise....I must get out my WW books before I explode!:eek: Had way to much comfort food over the last few days. Back to healthy eating today as DH is working so temptation taken away!...that sounds weird! what I mean is he's been tempting me with all my favourites!

Better get the kids up. Thanks again for all your get well wishes and vibes!

Love to you all

Kamilla xxx
Sheesh - there's no keeping you down is there!! :D

You are a marvel! Sending you a big hug and my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery xx
Sheesh - there's no keeping you down is there!! :D

You are a marvel! Sending you a big hug and my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery xx[/quote

Nah Debbie no keeping me down! I should really be resting but very hard with Andy working....which he had to do being self-employed he couldn't really take too much time off. I could really do with a few hours kip though as was abit deleirious (SP) last night with high temp and kept getting up to make the bed! sheets had to be just right! WEIRD!! My Mum is coming over later so I'll try and lie down for a while then hard with Sophie around but in the mean time I'll slob out on the sofa....she's got her nurse outfit on and has been looking after Mummy!

Feeling very heady now so talk later.
Kamilla xx