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keeping warm?

does anybody know ways to keep your house warm without double glazing? we have central heating but our windows arent double glazed so all the heat escapes throught the windows and the front and back door, and as winter is coming i dont know how we're goin to cope without spending a fortune on heating :(
any help would be great thanks in advance :)
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Mini crazy cat lady

When I lived in a house with single glazed sash windows, we used to get an amazing draught through them! What we used was plastic window sheets. It's like a big piece of thick clingfilm, which you stick to the frame with double sided tape, then tauten it with a hairdryer. It worked really well! Got ours from Wilko, was gonna get you the link, but their site is currently down.
We also attached them brush excluders to the bottoms of the doors, and used those sausage draught excluders too.

You have my upmost sympathy, I did not enjoy those days!
You can get that sheeting which you put over the windows. It's a bit like perspex or something.

Lots of loft insulation too, it's costly at the outset but you can often get good deals in Wickes or B&Q, buy 1 roll get 2 free, that sort of thing.

Lots of layer, I have big fluffy socks and slippers and big cuddly cardigans. Blankets on the sofa. I often go to bed to watch TV too!

What about the old fashioned type draught excluders for the bottom of the doors, you know the stuffed sausage type things??

I try not to put the heating on in the day if I can help it so I layer up!
thankyou both so much for your help, its really appreciated - and very helpful! i will go to wickes as we have one near here and have a look, it gets so damn cold when the snow and ice comes! xxxx
I have used the clingfilm stuff that Tinytootz mentioned - it is quite cheap and surprisingly efficient.

The only downside is that when it is fixed in place you can't move it to open windows.

You can also get secondary glazing kits, which have sliding panels. You can install these yourself.

Heavy curtains can make quite a difference, and you can put a curtain over the front door on a special hinged rod which opens when you open the door (there is a proper name for this but I can't remember it now.

Draught excluders on doors and windows will help, too. If you pop into your local DIY store you will find loads of products to choose from.
isnt it dangerous to have it on if you cant open the windows, like if theres a fire or something? xxx
It's just a sheet of cling film so would be easy to break through or remove should you need to escale through the window.

You can also get rolls of insulation tape that sticks to the sides of the window and blocks any gaps between the window and frame.
Sorry, should have made that much clearer. When I said you couldn't move it, what I meant was it isn't something you can easily re-use.

As PatchworkPuss says, it is only clingfilm really - you can break through it quite easily, or peel it off. But you couldn't re-use the same piece, as you have to stretch it across the window, stick it down, and then blow a hairdryer over it to remove the wrinkles and tighten it up.

(So do remember to clean the windows before you put it up!)

It's not the most elegant of solutions, but it is cheap and it does work!


Mini crazy cat lady
isnt it dangerous to have it on if you cant open the windows, like if theres a fire or something? xxx
You can easily split it if need be with your nail, it's quite 'fragile', so to speak.

But yeah, remember to clean the windows first, and remove anyone who lives in the corners. Man, that spider was NOT impressed with me that winter.
haha! he could have stayed there forever if it was in my house..mwahahaha :)
thanks for all your advice people!
im now not feeling so bad about the winter coming :)
You could see what your local council can offer. My sister and I are from Staffordshire and she has just had her cavity wall insulation done for free by the council as her house is over a certain age. She said it's made a big difference.

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