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keto sticks positive before i've started???

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Hi, hoping for some advice from you. I'm new to low carb dieting and planning to start golower tomorrow ( work colleague has sone v well with them). I ave 3 stone to loose and have tried many diets in the past inc SW + WW but think i'm a carbo addict so want to try and curb this!
Maybe stupidly, but i've tested me urine last 2 ams and both thimes positive for ketones prior to commencing carbo restiction. What does this suggest?????
Confused, I am. Anyone got any advise.
Hope to become a frequent visitor to site for support and advice as my journey begins! Many thanks, Jenpen
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It sounds to me like you go into ketosis easily which should make starting the diet easier. If you're testing in the morning then presumably you've not eaten for several hours and for some people that's enough to put them into ketosis. Good luck with the diet.


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I hate those sticks :D

Trouble is, though they are pretty accurate for what they were invented for, the readings can easily be misinterpretted for whether you are in ketosis or not.

For example, a high fat meal can give a positive result even if you are not in ketosis, because they can't tell the difference between dietary fats and stored fats.

Also, lots of people go into ketosis briefly, especially at night even if they aren't low carbing.

Here's my exclusive guide to reading the sticks :D

Pink = probably in ketosis, but might not be
Beige = possibly in ketosis
Purple = possibly dehydrated, but not be

My exclusive tip: Save your money and buy some new clothes :clap:

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I dont use the sticks at all. I go by the scales and my clothes/tape measure.

Good luck jenpen.
Janny, it might take a couple of days to notice - you might feel a bit sick after about 5 days but it doesn't happen to everyone. If you can feel your clothes getting looser, your appetite decreasing and your energy levels increasing then I'd say you're on your way. X
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Another sign of going into ketosis is a headache, sore legs and being lethargic, but it doesn't last long.
S: 15st7lb C: 15st2lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st5lb(2.3%)
:)Thanks for advice everyone. You guys all seem to be doing so well and i really am inspired by your sucesses on here. Actually feel that my head is in a very good place to start low carbing with golower and looking forward to getting started tom am. Last big indulgent night out tonight with work crew, and then i'm keen to get going and start the journey!
Will keep you all updated and not gonna fret bout those sticks!
Lots of love, Jenpen. x

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