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Ketosis and weeing on little dipsticks!!??

I've just been looking into this Ketosis thingy and this is what i found

"there is one type of ketone molecule, called acetone, that cannot be used and is excreted as waste, mostly in the urine and breath (sometimes causing a distinct breath odor).

If enough acetone is in our urine, it can be detected using a dipstick.

The higher the concentration of ketones in the urine, the more purple the sticks will turn. The Atkins Diet, in particular, advises people to monitor ketosis as an indication of fat burning.

So do any of you guys use these dipsticks then??

(Sorry if this seams a stupid question :eek::eek:
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I did use them when I first started and was excited when they turned a different colour, but I found even though I was eating the same sometimes they didnt change and it made me fed up as if I was doing something wrong so I have stopped using them.
everyones different so they might work for you
Good luck x


This is for life
No cant be bothered. Difficult enough to stay off the carbs and scales - i dont need another addiction:eek:
LOL u guys are funny.
I think i might get some (might make me a little more OCD than i normally am!! :D )
I use about 3 sticks a day and then give them a death stare if they aren't dark purple.

There are other ways to tell if you're in ketosis though...the acetone.

I find @ 3 sticks a day, I need two tubs a months. For the sake of a tenner a month i'd rather the constant reassurance!


Determined to succeed!
Yup - totally addicted. Trying to stick to 1 a day though, should get me through a month (bearing in mind I am a nightmare and sometimes do 2 a day, doh!).

You can get them from Amazon I think; and when I was going LL (works on same principle) I used to get them from Lloyds Pharmacy. Boots don't sell them though.

Enjoy the wonderful weeing world of weightloss! ;-)

SD xx


Chasing the Rainbow
tesco pharmacy sell them :) i do use them now and again but i'm aware if i have been drinking loads of water like i am supposed to it wont be as dark as it should be, but so long as its purple thing i'm happy - what ever the shade :)

to be honest i can tell i am in ketosis due to the dog breath :D
I just lol'd in the office and am now getting strange look....ooooops! :0

Is the smelly breath a permanant thing whilst in ketosis or does it wear off after a while. That was one of the reasons my DH wasn't keen on me doing Atkins.


Determined to succeed!
Hate to be the bearer of bad news Wendy, but I think it is pretty permanent... at least it has been for me in the past. Stock up on legal breath spray and keep a toothbrush/mouthwash with you! ;-)

SD xx


Chasing the Rainbow
i have braces so brush my teeth a lot anyway .... have to be honest, it's not nearly as bad as when i smoked!! Just not sweet smelling, that might be cos i'm drinking lots of water though as apparently that dillutes the ketones! :)
Haha! :D Oh dear, don't think the DH is going to like that too much. Well so far so good, i don't have it BUT I'm only on day 3, so I imagine it's too early yet?

Will keep drinking the water and hope that helps keep it a bay! :)

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