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Kittens - STop the Sucking

Hello all,
I have 2 little babies - Boots 6months and Tattie 5 months.
They are great fun, always playing occasional climbing up things they shouldn't be, eating wires etc. I can cope with that but what I am struggling with is the sucking that the younger one does on the older ones neck. Right under his chin - they are both boys and I thought they would have grown out of it by now.
He really grips onto the fur and sucks on it like a baby.
They like to sleep in my bedroom on the floor by the radiator but I need to kick them out about 3am every morning as the sucking noise starts. its soooooo loud.
Any ideas?


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I'm afraid it's not set in stone that they will grow out of it, my 7 year old cat does it on a pillow and who knows why?! Maybe just don't let them sleep in your room.


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The reason cats do this is because they haven't been weaned properly (taken away too early) from their mums... This is the main reason for "suckling" on fabrics... As far as I know they never grow out of it because it's a comforting thing they do.
I had an experience with a 12 year old cat, who when he was petted for a long time and in the state of complete relaxation used to start suckling on my shirt! It was cute, but ... You may have to consider not having them sleep in your room.
Yep I agree weaned too soon from their mums.....I have five cats one sleeps in my room at night as she is a bit of an outsider....she tends to run riot between 3-4am for a short while before snuggling up again...I love our "me time" as when I get into bed she snuggles up under my arm so I tolerate her "mad moments"....but as I love cats I would forgive my babies anything lol...they rule the roost for sure..xx


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my kittens (6months) like doing it on my dressing gown! bit weird as it feels like they want to er .. breast feed! arghh
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I have two siamese cats they are now 8 months old, they suck anything including each other. They like any soft material and away they go, sucking at it like mad. I looked it up and it's a form of comfort and may or may not go away. i have to hide my velour dressing gown, thats thier favourite, if I leave it out it get a soggy sodden wet patch on it where they've been madly sucking at it!!
I had a siamese many years ago, it was most def like having a third child she went everywhere with me...you are never lonely with one of them around...xx
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My two make the pair of siamese on Lady and the Tramp look very tame indeed!!!

Cupboard opening is thier favourite speciality. They just open the food cupboard doors and take what they fancy. I tried closing the kitchen door when we are out but they just jump on the door hanndle til they open the door!!!

Hamish loves cakes and I have to hide the tin as he can open it. I have to hide it when he's not looking in the top of a cupboard, if he sees me hide it he will work out how to get it!!!

They eat all flowers so I cant have them in the house anymore and Humphrey likes liking toothbrushes so they have to be hidden too. I caught him doing it and did wonder how long he'd been doing it before we found out!!!

So the sucking really dosent bother me too much!!!

Siamese are a totally different ball game!!

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