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Lack of people posting

I so agree!!! Im really struggling cause the weight just isnt coming off and i think just someone who understands really helps!!!!

We need to help each other cause we all have the same end goal!!!!
Hello :)

I did celebrity slim a while ago and have been following Scottish slimmers on and off for a few years

Lost 2 stone and it's all back on again, in an attempt to lose some before Christmas im going to try slimfast for a while

Never done it before but I'm keen to see if it works!!
I felt good when on celebrity slim but it was quite expensive to keep up! See if this is any better!

How are you all getting on?? X
Hey!!! I hope slimfast works for ya and u can loose some weight before christmas!!

I find slimfast really easy to follow and i am enjoying but i am not seeing the weight loss i would like but i think i just need to find what works for me and remind myself that i font have much to loose!!!

When is ur weight in day? How long have u been doing it???
Once you get used to SF its easy to use. I have the strawberry shake and the choc peanut mealbar. For snacks i have whatever i fancy so long as its within 100 cals. Same with the 600cal meal, i have whatever the families having just in smaller portions.

Ive used SF on and off for the last year alongside WW etc and it has worked for me. Dont give in and dont get bored. If you need to offload then this is your place to come :)
Thanks loser :)

Day one went well- I was hungry in the evening but had a lot of water and then went to bed!

Today I'm going to work in the house (we're renovating) so I'll be working hard! Hopefully burn some calories!

How you getting on? X
Im getting on ok tar, my 1st proper WI on Wed so will see how i go. Will hopefully make a dent in my xmas target :D

How long have you been doing ultraslim now then housecat?

Glad you got on fine Sue, told you it was easy :D
Painting and decorating counts as exercise in my opinion so wouldnt worry about that.

Which shakes do you use? I only have the strawberry one and the choc peanut bars.

Not upto much to be honest, my daughters still not right so had a quiet day in.
Lol it certainly burns calories a whole day decorating haha!

I've had the banana and the cafe latte ones so far! Think choc and strawberry are next on my list! Like them all so far!

Also got some biggest loser bars incase I fancy that one day- find it hard to drink shakes in the morning so might have to have fruit for breakfast and my shake mid-morning :) I'll figure it out :)

Hope ur daughter feels better soon!!

Well what i sometimes do is is have 1 weetabix with a wee drop of skim milk in the morning and count it as my 1st snack. Then have a shake around 1ish. 2nd snack around 3ish and a meal bar at 5ish and then my evening meal. Last snack around 7-8ish when i start to want to nibble. Will be interesting to see how other people do it.
Well I ended up having my shake for breakfast- chocolate - was lovely!

Then a snack about 2 then just had some party snacks just now so that'll be me, ill have another snack later if I'm hungry!

Tomorrow should be back to normal haha!

Been back on the Ultra Slim for a couple of weeks now properly after a bit of a break from it all. Have lost about four pounds since I've been back on it which I am pleased with but not sure whether to put the weight loss down to the new thyroid tablets I'm on or the dieting but I guess it could be a bit of both I suppose. Am enjoying the shakes just as much as I enjoyed the Slimfast shakes although have never liked the ones that are ready made so always buy the powders.

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