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Lack of support


Green tea advocate!!
Woah! Aren't you supposed to be doing this for you? Prove them wrong, don't give up because of what they say!

The beauty of WW is that you can continue to eat what you want, as long as you stay within your points! They don't even have to know that you are doing it.

Use this board as your support instead, there are some cracking people on here to offer you support x


is going to loose!
Darling what a shame, never mind you are here and you are ready to do something about your weight. I used to think I HAD to loose the weight by myself otherwise I was weak.... well to tell you the truth I like the encouragement and support of others, makes it not seem so daunting.

Stick with your points and start a new life style rather than a 'diet', good luck hun xx



Green tea advocate!!
Damn right! :) This is probably the best place to do it, i wouldn't even concern them with it. Just make sure you rub it in when you get to target :p


Green tea advocate!!
Haha! I bet you look a million times better than me in a swimsuit!! I feel like Shamu at the moment! lol

Oh well, hopefully by the time my holiday comes around in September i should look slightly better lol...seriously though, i know how you feel. Good luck and i hope you achieve what you want to :)
i hope so too, nothing worse than looking forward to holiday and being self-concious the whole time :( but we will both be lighter and happier come holiday time :)


Green tea advocate!!
Absoutley!! That's the way to think! It's a hard slog but i know it will be well worth it when i get to my final goal :)

Best of luck x


chunky chick :-)
im the same, i wont be slim enough for a bikini in july but im hoping to be about a stone from goal! see the thing is for me that ive had 3 kids in 4yrs and my body is wrecked :-( so i dont think ill EVER don a bikini again lol

good luck girlies xx
Use your BFs comment as a challenge,show him you can do this and your doing it for you.
Dont mention to him how your doing just do your thing and remember we are here for you.........He will never understand why you re put on weight as he hasnt tried to but if hes never had a weight problem then he wont think its hard to keep the weight off.

The group support many people go alone and make life long friends,id go alone if I was you that way if your mum doesnt go you wont feel like giving up.

I do it alone at home and I prefer it after going to my local meetings many times.

You have a little to lose I know it wont seem like it to you but before you know it the 1st stone will be gone then you'll be nearly at goal.
God luck you show em xx:)
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