last little bit of bulge to get rid of before holiday


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i sometimes wonder i i will ever have a flat tummy?

i have a right roll there sometimes. i guess my little muffin tumm will be with me for always...a gentle reminder not to eat the sweets and biscuits again!

weve booked our holiday for September, so ive got a little time to work on it, and see if losing another 1/2-1 stone will make any difference.

ive put hubby back on SS to get rid of his beer and donut belly, hes on day 3 or 4 now ( cant remember).

weve decided to travel really light this time, i cant bear waiting for luggage to arrive after you get off the plane, so were planning on carry on bags only...( wont need many clothes on this holiday)

ohhh...quick question....anyone know the cheapest place to buy a pair of crocs online?

Hi DB,

Where are you going on your hols?

We went to Costa Brava in May and there were lots of Crocs look-a-likes in the shops for a fraction of the cost.

OH and I are off to Corfu in two weeks, I'm sharing your thoughts and desires on flat tummies:eek:

Also was thinking along the same lines as you and just taking hand luggage. Only thing is that it's a package deal so we'd still have to wait for everyone else to reclaim their luggage :rolleyes:

Good luck achieving your bikini bod, at least you have a bit more time than me:)

ohh its lovely Mini, its an old villa amongst the olive groves, no neighbours, no tourists, completly on its own. its realy easy for us to get there, we fly form exeter and our friends pick us up at the other end

where is everyone else going on hols?

Booby, where are you staying?