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last minute holiday !! help, will be off plan


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something has come up and i will be away for 2 weeks from mon night. its so nice to have an unplanned holiday but i am so scared as i have been on cd 13 weeks and am 5lbs from my original goal. feel like i will undo all my hard work.

i cannot do CD whilst away (believe me i would if i could). will i gain all the 30lb i have lost back?? i intend to low carb and cal count but am really out of my comfort zone and dreading getting back to week 1 symptoms when in restart. i was on such a roll and now i feel like there i just this HUGE hurdlle and i am gonna fall flat on my face!!
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As long as you are careful with what you eat then you won't put it all back on. I can't remember the figures but it's something along the lines of an average woman needing 1,200 calories a day on a sedentary day. So, if you sit around all day and consume 1,200 calories then your weight won't budge either way.

Make a conscious decision to 'allow' yourself to eat so you don't have the feelings of guilt and go and enjoy yourself xxx
Have a great holiday!!!

The most i gained whilst off plan was 8 pounds July last year off plan for 2 weeks and 'ate' lol

You'll be fine!!!

Enjoy yourself and make good choices.... and have the odd nice thing ;) xxx
Heeey Leeds you promised to take me with you!! lol i could tell you what to have and what not to. lol!

Anyway last year i went Turkey off plan for a week and gained NOTHINGGG!

i had 3 meals aday didnt have the full breakfast rubbish took my own porridges had any lunch and any low fat dinners.!

OOOhh yes and 2 magnums aday.! 3 litres of water and walking alday.!

So as Leah says make right choices and try not to snack to much.! A small gain will be cool.xx


hoping for a good loss
Have a fantastic break Leeds. Please don't be scared hun. If you make sensible choices some of the time then you will gain very little if any.

Have a great break and remember what you have acheived and know you will get back there even after a small holiday gain.

Have fun chick


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thanks ladies!! i am scared but need to stop this nonsense now and focus on PACKING!!! woohoo, a holiday out of the blue!! haha! thanks again to all who replied, it really did help me put my mind at ease.

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