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Green Days last week before pay day

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Crys, 17 March 2011 Social URL.

  1. Crys

    Crys Full Member

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    calorie counting
    I've just spent two hours trying to get my shopping bill as tight as possible, and its damn hard.

    I started with a list of what I have, what meals I could scrape from them, and then tried to plot it out with what As and Bs I had in the cupboards. Poor DH, he's having to use up the non-SW foods that we didnt use in time from the freezer (I'm not touching them with a barge pole ;) lol).

    So, I think I've managed to get it down to only needing £25 ish of food shopping.

    How do the rest of you budget on SW? Where do you make the cuts?
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  3. jayde1148

    jayde1148 Gold Member

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    I stock pile baked beans when on offer! Also lots of pasta and homemade tomato sauces with own brand passage and bulk it out with lots of veg. I buy mainly frozen veg so I never throw any out and even buy frozen garlic! I also batch cook and try to plan ahead. I am being made redundant and the job I have managed to go to at the end of the months is only part time so I am in budgeting mode!!!!

    I try to buy own brand things and search for offers- there us a great thread saying where the bargains are! Also I try not to take money to work so I have to have thx lunch I have planned and no sneaky coffees out or extras and that really helps! Also Aldi and Lidl for their fruit and veg us excellent and they sell a tray if 24 eggs for 2.50 ish sometimes less!
  4. lolacola

    lolacola Silver Member

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    Slimming World
    I can relate... I've been doing a fish week for the last week which cost me a bloody fortune (frozen fish just isn't the same as fresh) soI'm now doing a green week :D

    For breakfast during the week I would normally have 2 x Nimble with 3 x Laughing Cow light (Tescos have these on offer) and the Nimble loaf would last me a whole week.

    For lunch, I would have my Superfree homemade soup which I make using various veg, and a batch of this would last me a week also.

    For dinner I'll be having things like chili con carne (a batch will do me 2 days) I don't mind eating the same dinner twice :D and the Quorn mince is cheap enough.

    I've started buying packs of pre chopped frozen mixed peppers and other veg which keeps longer and keeps my costs down, and I freeze my bread too.

    I used to be the sort of person that if something was even approaching it's 'use by' date, I would dump it in the bin. Now I'm a lot more flexible - if it looks OK and smells OK I'll eat it :D
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