Time for me to change


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Hi all welcome to this thread....
there is no reason for me to make excuses anymore because if I’m honest I’m all out of them I need to get my weight sorted and stop being so lazy that’s the truth and I know that might sound mean but i needed to write it so I can start somewhere and hopefully start on a journey that is going to make life easier for me in the long run. If I have this thread then I can be held accountable and who knows help others as I’m sure a lot of you lovely people will help me along my way too.
ive done the very old old weight watchers pro points plan and loved that but I needed To take a step back and was a bit ott on it so now I feel ready to calorie count I’ve got a year plan with nutricheck but I need something to keep myself responsible so if I write here what I have then maybe I can see where I am going wrong.
I am weighing in tomorrow morning (Saturdays will be my weigh in days) and I think I’m allowed at the moment 1656kcal a day which i don’t wish to use just because and I can do some small exercises which I got from Pinterest
thank you for making it this far I welcome all help possible and can’t wait To get started 💖
Day 1
Weigh in 16stone 2lbs

Cup of tea whole milk 2 sugars
Strawberry activia fat free yogurt

Haven't had anything as i couldn't decide

Covent garden vegetable soup

500ml Bottle ribena
4 squares mint aero

I do still have over 1000 calories left so will decide on something else if i want it
Hi. How are you getting on?
Hi im doing good i have to update here as I've been keeping note on my phone ready to update here. Thank you very much for replying its so kind of you 😊😊
Good to hear. Well done
Hi Feathers. I'm new (again!) and looking forward to getting down into the teens - chasing you down the scales!
Hii all
update I’ve lost 3lbs this week not done hardly a lot of exercise and had a birthday meal for one of my kids so all good it’s a step in the right direction and that’s all I can ask for at the moment

back on it today though

peach activia fat free yoghurt
large tea whole milk and 2 sugars

covent garden leek and potato soup
10 cheesy croutons
dairylea triangle x2
crackerbread x2

cheese on toast 2 slices
cup a soup (in my flask ready if I need it)

cadburys cream egg
2l bottle Ribena squash

I do have a few calories left to use up but I don’t think I will as I’m not hungry

thankyou to everyone who has messaged I am so grateful for the messages and support
Come on girls we can do this!!!!!
we got this!!!!!
That's a great loss without the Birthday meal. Well done.