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Leanne's slimming world journey

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by leanne641, 19 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. leanne641

    leanne641 Full Member

    Hi everyone! :) so happy to be starting this journey and the amount of slimming world support on here is unbelievable! I will update my stats when I get on the computer..
    My starting weight is 10st 6lbs, I've got a target for now of 9st but I'll see how I feel when I gt there because I'm more thinking 8st8 (low end of BMI)
    This is all still really fresh to me so I'm still confused with it all but I've stocked up on muller lights, bananas, watermelons and low fat super noodles, I'll probably just eat the same things everyday until I understand it better
    Oh I should mention I'm doing extra easy, my healthy choices today were
    A) 250ml semi skimmed milk
    B) 2 weetabix
    I've had no syns yet but I have a bag of wotsits with me at work.. I have a question though. Do I have to eat syns? Or can I leave them if I'm not hungry or want something free?
    Thanks guys hope you all pop by to say hello I need all the help I can get ?
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  3. leanne641

    leanne641 Full Member

    WI tonight - -6lbs!!! Taking me to 10st exactly!! Couldn't have wished for better news!!
    20lbs until goal.. Let's do this!!
  4. CharleyBar

    CharleyBar Full Member

    Wow well done - great start!
  5. leanne641

    leanne641 Full Member

    thank you :) xx
  6. leanne641

    leanne641 Full Member

    so my boyfriend has my car for a couple of days, which is a blessing in disguise really, so im walking into and back from work tonight,,, 8 mile round trip! easy! :/ lol

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