Leek & Potato Soup


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add a little pepper it tastes much better
good luck


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yeah its nice, i just had veg it was sooo nice a new fav i think x


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I put exactly the amount of water it advised but it felt thick, and i didnt enjoy it.


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Yes it's my fav, I alway add lots of pepper and actually enjoy it! xx


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It's rancid in my opinion! I could only eat 2 spoonfuls!


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:8855: it really is a personal taste thing isn't it! Everyone likes/dislikes different ones so the only way to know is to try.

Sarette, I felt the same about cheese and broccoli, I had to pour it away :(


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i had one with the right amount of water and it was horrid, then i had it with about double the water and much more yummy esp with black pepper xx


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Im a restarter.. on day 6 and have not had soups yet, as last time i was so put off by them!
The only ones i liked was oriental chilli and chicken&mushroom.. but mine were so runny.. not like a soup at all.. i like soups to be a bit thick!
Think thats why i didnt like um much..
And i did the same with the cheese& broccoli one! urghhh

How do you make your soups.. maybe i was doing something wrong???