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lighter life


longs to be average!
Hi Oake,

My LLC advises that people should continue to lose weight upto the trigger weeks on RtM. I doubt it'll be the stone and a half you want to lose, but that is the same weight I needed to lose when I started RtM, and for me if I lose that weight whilst on management it's an afirmation that I can control my weight whilt eating.

To tone up, the best way to do it is lots of gentle exercise, walking, some sit ups and bending to the sides - work on your core muscle groups - google to get some idea on the types of exercise to do to get your core muscles going - hope that helps?


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Could you join a gym? Most have personal trainers there, and some give you a few sessions free. You could see a personal trainer once a fortnight or month to review your goals & progress, and give you a plan to work through?

I'm also going into RTM with some weight still to lose, but I'm hoping to lose that afterwards through healthy eating and exercise.

The way I look at it is, if I had to eat 1800 calories and exercise 20 mins a day to maintain a weight of 9 and half stone (my dream goal!), then that lifestyle at 11 stone would mean I'd continue to lose, albeit at a slower rate.

You need to have that healthy lifestyle to maintain, so it makes no difference if you are losing or maintaining, the habits you have to get into are the same.

One of the locums at our LL meetings goes back to packs if she puts on a bit, and I don't really find the idea of going on and off abstinence attractive :confused: I'd rather, like Corey learn to control my eating so I never need to diet again. :D
I think that's sensible toller-girl, I don't like the thought of being dependent on LL. This is a means to an end for me and then I want to get on with real life - which for me is likely always going to involve keeping a strict eye on my diet BUT I have to be able to manage outside of the LL bubble.

My old LLC really pushed the "you might want to have one or two packs every day - for life" and I felt this was less about my welfare and more to do with her profits! We need to be able to be independent and know we can cope - even thrive!

Okay, will shut up now.


constantly confused
Don't you dare shut up! :D

I think having packs as part of a normal diet is a bit odd, I thought the only reason we didn't get hungry was because we were in ketosis, therefore eating them as a 'meal' outside of ketosis would mean we'd be starving!

I think each pack works out at £2.36 and is about 125 calories. I think a cereal bar would do just as well in an emergency (providing the emergency isn't that your sofa is on fire or something :p) and is a heck of a lot cheaper!
Oooh, you're going to be soooo sorry you said "Don't you dare shut up"!!

Mmmmm, cereal bars, la la la la can't hear you, can't hear you *frantically shoves fingers in ears*. At the moment even if my sofa WAS on fire I'd stop to shove one down my neck. Very hungry (day 3 of restart and did a run today)...


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Try your local freecycle group www.freecycle.org for some free excercise equipment. I was given a power treadmill recently with heartbeat monitor etc. Alternatively you could ask for a mountain bike (if you don't have one) and do a bit of cycling.

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