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Lightheaded need a bit of advice

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet 100% Posts!' started by hopeicandothis, 7 May 2009 Social URL.

  1. hopeicandothis

    hopeicandothis Well-Known Member

    Hi all

    I started SS on 6th May and today feel really lightheaded which concerns me a little, I have been drinking loads of water I'd say approx 2 and a half litres a day maybe more.
    Does anyone have any idea how long i should expect this to last?
    Apart from the lightheaded feeling I am doing great and very proud of myself.
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  3. OneDeterminedChick

    OneDeterminedChick Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN

    I felt like that yesterday HICDT, felt really lightheaded and a headache into the bargain, I went back to bed for an hour and it subsided. Also plenty water which ur doing already.
    I'm now on day 3 and feeling great, so hope ur better soon and keep at it. You will be fine and you will get past it. x
  4. Dita-von-squeeze

    Dita-von-squeeze Well-Known Member

    When you hit ketosis you should feel tonnes better, you're only on the second day so you should feel better by the end of the week. I still get light headedness sometimes and I'm on my 11th day, it's something we have to deal with I guess!
  5. Izzycat

    Izzycat Well-Known Member

    I am on week nine - and i still get light-headed sometimes!
    Not so much now, but normally around the time when i need a shake as i have got engrossed in something and am late taking it - the body way of telling you!

    chin up - the results are worth all the little things - promise!
  6. hopeicandothis

    hopeicandothis Well-Known Member

    Hi all
    Thanks for all your words of advice and encouragement, I will try not to stress too much about it.
    I was reading about Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen's wife, she lost loads of weight on the LL, but she said she was at the gym every day etc...I go to the gym a lot and am really hoping that i can still go back to it next week.
    I will just have to take it really easy.
    There's a good story in this week's chat magazine about a couple who lost 15 stone between them in 15 weeks. Amazing!
    Can't wait for my first weigh in...bring it on!!!! x x

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