Diary of Coffee4Life


Hello everyone!

It's been a long time since I last was here. I started my Lipotrim Weight loss on Wednesday 18th May

Few years back I lost a lot of weight and kept it off for years.

Starting point 18 stone 3 lbs - aiming for 12.5 stone as i feel it's half way on my BMI

Here goes if anyone wants to buddy up i am happy to chat here anytime


2 day: Drinking plenty of water and black coffee, having my 2 shakes per day which I like to blend with ice in. I know the pain day is going to be day 3 - 5 so wish me luck whist I get into ketosis, but I know once I have there I am good to go for 12 weeks.
3 day: Happy its Friday! - Got though the day fine. plans for the weekend are to try go for walks to keep me busy and keep drinking the water.

Happy weekend everyone!
7 day: 9 pound lost I will take that for my first week!

well into keto now and feel good, trying to keep active as much as possible.

Starting point 18 stone 3 lbs now 17 Stone 8 pounds