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Lipotrim! - Please help! :(


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Hello, ive been researching lipotrim this past week and i would really like to do it.

Im 3 stone over weight.
10 months ago i had my daughter, and i put on about 4 stone (pigging out, grr!)
i went from i size 10-12 to a size 16.

I feel so awful, i hate going out incase i bump into someone i havent seen for a while.

I just wanted to know what you to do to get on lipotrim?
Weight..that kind of stuff.

Also, im 17 so will that affect it?
I sure hope not as i have tried healthy eating and exercise (which is quite difficult to juggle with..what with college and a young daugther).

Please help! Im so sad :(
Mellum x
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weighs a lot less
hi hun,i feel for you i never lost my baby weight either ,as long as you are classed as overweight you should be able to do it im not sure about the weight x

rainbow brite

Hello :) I've not started on LT myself yet, that bit comes tomorrow morning but I did go to see my pharmacist today. (There's a list of pharmacies that do LT on the official LT website) She asked me a few questions - age, height and all that jazz and then she weighed me. After that I had to fill out a short medical questionnaire and she looked it over before approving it then and there. She asked me what flavours I wanted, I paid and went home :) Easy as that. I'm not sure if your age will affect it, though I don't see why it would - as far as I can tell their main concern is that you have three or more stones to lose.

I hope that was at least vaguely helpful :)

~Gem x
lipotrim.demon.co.uk will give you all the info you needs. you need to watch a DVD on line or borrow from chemist fill in a medical questionaire buy ya gear and off you go, good luck and keep us posted.
Hi Mellum,


Your age won't affect you being able to start, there is another 17 year old on the Cambridge Diet Forum who has recently had a baby and she is doing really well, she's lost nearly four stone in two months:eek::eek::eek::eek:

Lisa xx


Glug Glug Glug
Thankyou so much for the replys, they were a big help!

Eee, there could be light at the end of that very long tunnel after wall.

Ive found a local chemist that does it so ill hopefully be on it on monday! (fingers crossed, please please please!)

Well if i do get on, i will come back and start posting.


rainbow brite

Hope to see you back here soon :)


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