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Listerine active strips are discontinued - where can I get some...fast!


A little of everything!
Ebay do them. I get them in my local savers. Try little independant pharmacies- they might still have stocks. My LT pharmacy still do them, and there are rumours that LT are to start producing them. Failing that, just use a travel size bottle of listerine- thats what I used to do when I ran out?
yup, ebay - or online chemists, i believe - seems only option.

I manage fine, as Irishmum says, with a travel sized bottle of Listerine original in my handbag at all times. Even carry a travel toothbrush and toothpast sometimes.
my pharmacy has started selling a new brand recommended by LT. They are called 'nuPhar' fresh breath strips. I'm in ireland and they are manufactured in ireland but might be worth googling
shelly x
Thanks everybody, am going to google nuphar & see whether or not they are 'available' in England, have had a fair old traipsing around local pharmacies without success, so for now Ebay it is!

Once again - thank you xxx


maintaining since June'09
I've got some single packs I got for 50p each - I could spare half a dozen if you want them? x
Thank you Jan how lovely for you to have offered, I have in fact ordered some off Ebay so hopefully will arrive very soon. I dont know about anyone else but the Listerine mouthwash makes my eyes water its so strong..

Once again Jan thank you xxx


maintaining since June'09
No probs - I emptied the shop so have some spare :) x
I could take it off your hand if you don't mind.;)


maintaining since June'09
No prob - pm me your name and address, I'll put them in the post and then let you know how much altogether with the postage. I may not be able to get to a post office until monday but I'll try for tomorrow. x
And how do I do that? Also I can pay for you via paypal or transfer or Postal order. You can add the P&P and after when you received the money you can post it. I been without it til now so few more days is not a problem.lol
Also there is a 3 day strike so no rush.
It may be worth looking in your local Savers to see if they have any left. I bought the very last pack in mine a couple of weeks ago!



maintaining since June'09
Ah - you're not up to 50 posts yet. When you are you should be able to send me a private message. Go to the chit chat forum and take a few turns in a couple of games to get your posts up :)!

I do have a paypal a/c so when I've sent them off I'll let you have the details and you can pay it in.

I look forward to the pm xx

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