Little bit of advice changing from class to doing sw at home


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Looking for a bit of advice, i am not quitting slimming world but thinking of doing it myself in order to increase exercise i do as i cant afford both at the moment. I have been doing slimming world since September and only managed to lose around a stone i seem to get to a stone and go back a few pounds and struggle to pass the stone mark currently at 12lbs the now. I have never managed to successfully lose weight including attending doctors every month for a few years before they discovered i have polycystic ovarian syndrome and an underactive thyroid *i am on dianette for my pcos apart from this iv not been given anything and im not on thyroxin as my thyroid is changing from under to borderline etc each time i get blood tests*. The only way iv managed to lose weight previously was with reductil and eating 1000 calories a day which i lost 3 and a half stone before gaining two again a few years later.

Anyway, I am determine to shift this last stone by summer but im beginning to get down at weighing myself each week, iv never been good at weekly as it takes me that little bit extra to lose it and doctor suggested I stick with fortnightly or monthly that I was used to before. I am considering completely doing it alone by sticking to slimming world, using this website, the books iv bought from class and magazine and weighing fortnightly on the same scales at the same time of day. I just feel the money im spending on class each week to be told im gaining or maintaining is getting wasted and better spent attending Zumba/spin which I love but can’t afford to do along with sw.

Iv handed in food diarys to my consultant who has been brilliant quite often and there is never anything wrong with them, she has made suggestions which I have tried such as cutting down on bread, bananas, trying to do different days, drinking more water etc but to no avail.

Just looking to see if anyone else does it from home and how you get on especially if you have attended classes before!

As I say im just considering all options before I decide what to do but I am not giving up on my slimming world journey!

Thanks for reading this and thanks for any replys!

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Good luck whatever you do hun. I could not do this without a group. I've tried in years gone by, telling myself I can do it on my own and I know the diet inside out, but I can't.
This is just me though. There are though who do very well on their own and say that if your mind is in the right place and you really want it, that it can be done without a group.
I want to lose and my mind is right but I still need group support and the weigh in each week.

If it were me in the situation you are in right now, I'd try to cut down on other spending before I gave up on SW, so I could do both. But that's just my opinion hun. xx


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Thanks for the reply! Iv considered cutting back elsewhere and doing both but unfortunately i can only make the tuesday night class and its also the same day and time as Zumba so one has to go! Iv done it myself before with 1000 cal thing and managed because i was determined so i dont doubt myself there as im 100% commited to being skinny again!!
My sister has been doing it at home with me one her own and has lost a stone also but she is now at her target so i know we will both help each other out!
Thanks for the advice xxx


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Brit mum has PCOS and she gave me some great advice. I now eat brown bread, brown pasta and brown rice, I swap 70% of White potatoes with sweet potatoes or butternut squash. I have to limit my carbs. 75g pasta and 50g rice. One medium potatoe worth for mash or chips or whatever. I have more if it's sweet pots or squash.

If your borderline under, but symptomatic you can ask to be put on a low dose of thyroxine. If they refuse there is a supplement called sea kelp. If your on thyroxine it's not advised to take it, but as your not, you can. It feeds your thyroid, gives it a boost.

I have hypothyroidism. Through a lot of trial and error and talking to other hypos it's apparent that we just can't process carbs like normal people.

Also it can take twice as much exercise to lose 1Ib than a normal person, which is a lot if exercise!

I like the freedom EE gives me but in reality red would suit my condition better.

I did an experiment with carbs in my food dairy to see if carbs was the prob and lost 4 1/2Ibs, in one week!

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Thanks so much for the reply! I don’t really know too much about either as the PCOS iv been lucky to be ok apart from terrible periods (Im one of the lucky ones who get regular periods since iv been put on the pill) but they are unbearable with terrible cramps etc, got most of the other symptoms too but since periods are ok now and im on dianette for skin there not doing anything else apart from keeping eye on blood sugar levels and blood pressure. For my thyroid iv asked a few times for thyroxin but been told there is no point as the low dose would only work for a short time before having to increase it so there reluctant!Thanks for the tips I don’t know too much about either as iv said its not been properly explained to me. I will try to limit carbs etc and see what difference it does :) I will also change from whiet to brown pasta and rice see if that helps


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If your Hypo hun, reducing your carbs even ever so slightly, can make a difference. I got a very good book about Hypothyroidism, and it explains how the thyroid works, and tbh hun being hypo wont help your PCOS and the endocrine system, is all connected.

If your thyroid isn't working properly this will most defo affect your periods, as hormones that your thyroid produces, go on to make other hormones, oestrogen being one of them! I have had terrible periods which having thyroxine helped, and changing my diet the way I mentioned almost definitely helped!


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Iv been mainly doing green and ee days but getting a red book tonight so will try some of them and reducing carbs slightly :) thank you so much:)

No problem at all! I will have a look for my book and let you know the title, it was a very easy read.


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I have a choice of either the gym or meetings and the gym won. I did SW for a year and lost almost 2 stone, all of which has now returned, and then tried WW. SW really worked well for me and I'm now going solo at home. There is loads of support on this site for people like us.


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How about this...

Set yourself a couple of weeks still going to SW, but following Silvermaneuk's suggestions....

Then use up any holiday entitlement that you have left, and take it in a block eg. the following 4/5/6 weeks off. This will give you the opportunity to see if you can really follow SW at home, or if you do need the group support.. During this time, you could go to Zumba with the money you would save....

That way, IF you decide that following SW at home is too hard and that you need the group support, you can still go back to group without having to pay a re-joining fee or losing your history. IF you decide that it is all going great following SW at home, then you have already had a Zumba head-start!!!

Good luck with whatever you decide!!


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I stopped going to classes because my uni timetable changed. My losses had slowed to 0.5lb a week anyway, and I really didn't want to continue paying £4.95 to be told the same thing every week. I've been OK without the group, I have continued to lose and I have used MiniMins as my support - priceless! If you had a really good consultant and a really lovely group, I can see why you'd miss them and maybe go off track, but my consultant was Poo (yes with a capital p) and my group were... well, let's just say predictable. There was never anything fresh or new or different, except if my C had a day off, so I don't really feel like I miss much.

I would say do everything you would do if you still went to group, keep going with your food diary and definitely keep one on here, maybe join a challenge to break your weight loss up into smaller chunks (there's one in my signature :)) and I really hope the extra Zumba/Spin classes work for you :) I would love to do a class every week but the Zumba always gets booked out before I can get to the sign-up and the Spin is at a time that doesn't suit me. Plus, ££ is low at the moment :(

I'll be your ex-group buddy if you want! :) And hun, I know entirely how you feel about getting close to a stone and then gaining that bit back again, been there, done that, and funnily enough, back here doing the same thing again! I got to 8st12lbs, now I'm back at 9st2lbs, despite the fact that in three whole months off plan, I gained 0.5lb. All I can say is perseverance! And variety, variety is SO important. Have a water week, a fish week, a no bread week, a 10 syn a day week, a controlled pasta/rice/potatoes/rice quantity week. Note down your feelings, your state of mind, your state of body, your tiredness levels, your energy levels, even how much you're spending!

Lots of love

P.S. - try 1/3 SF at every mealtime, even if you're doing Red or Green... works wonders :) x


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10 stone 10lbs - thank you for your reply iv decided to go to class till end month as iv quite a few nights out and to try doing more red days and restricting carbs went to class tonight and lost half a pound which im really happy with as i felt frumpy today :(
I would love a buddy to help me when i start so ill keep you to that if you dont mind :)
Haha fishy week didnt work for me unfort as i gained 2lbs then but i will try other weeks :) i will get to my target by summer :)


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Congrats, Kirsty! A loss is a loss and def a step into the right direction!

I was with SW a few years ago, went to class every week but then stopped - was too lazy I guess and didn't want to be on a diet forever and also a big question of money - and put lots of weight back on. Now I've re-started mid January and am doing it at home. Must say I feel good, this forum helps so much. Although my group back then was full of nice people and my C was very enthusiastic, I cannot say I miss it. I didn't get what I wanted/needed and at this moment in time this is the way to go for me.

I understand £5 is a lot of money when it doesn't give you what you need, especially when you do not want to be weighed every week. From personal experience, I have taken the way of not going to SW class but investing the money into a gym. Seems to be working for me and I feel better about it. I get all the details from my books, the magazines and this forum, all I need.

Good luck, am sure you'll get to your target!


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For my thyroid iv asked a few times for thyroxin but been told there is no point as the low dose would only work for a short time before having to increase it so there reluctant!

Hmm, I suspect they're fobbing you off, especially about the having to increase the dose thing. I don't think that's true. My OH has so-called 'borderline' hypothyroidism but feels absolutely horrendous without thyroxine. You'll discover if you Google it that an awful lot of people have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism but are told they're borderline. The clinical test is based on rather out of date information (certainly here in the UK - interestingly, the diagnosis of hypothyroidism is different in the US and based on a lower number).

I suspect the real reason you're being denied treatment is because if you're diagnosed as having hypothyroidism, all your prescriptions - yes, all - become free. Not really all that surprising then that GPs, mindful of their budgets, don't want to get you started on thyroxine.


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Hiya Kirtsy, I have just started back on SW and am going it alone!! My consultant was never that great before so I am going to see how it goes only own - so far so good!!!

Minimins is fab for the support you need! Good luck x x


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Lily i am going to push them next time i go then if its borderline again as im sick of feeling constantly tired and weary and things!! I just believed they knew best as they were the doctor but it makes sense!
Everyone thanks for your kind replys decided a few weeks at class to buy the books i want then starting gym and that again :) going to try it alone as one day ill need to!