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LL in the summer or winter

Now, before I ask this, I'd like to clarify that I have no intention of using the season as an excuse to give up. I'm just asking out of interest.

Is it easier to do LL in the summer when:

a) It isn't so cold.

b) The shakes go down a bit better.

The winter always encourages me to stay inside with a bowl of soup and crusty bread (which obviously I can't do now).

Has anyone tried it at both times of the year?
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Yes I have done it through both seasons................I find it a bit harder getting the water down in the winter.....but I have my shakes hot. Have the soups as well.

Summertime I usually stick to cold shakes..and find the water easier drink.
Good point Christovee. I've finished now and I was freezing cold all summer; I have never known cold like that in my life! I can't imagine what it would be like in the winter. Doesn't bear thinking about drinking the water and shakes when it's frozen outside, as I like them chilled. However, not everyone gets as cold as I did I'm sure so stick with it y'all!
I did it the 'typical' way - after christmas. I found it easiest this way, as I always find that time of year so depressing anyway, and there are far less social activities around that time!

Deb G

Silver Member
I can only drink my water if its luke warm (mix cold from the tap with hot from the kettle) and I have abandoned the cold shakes for hot chocolate and mousses. I also make crisps out of the Thai Chili Soup Packs - LOVELY!!!
Started in Jan and finished in August (although this summer didn't really count!)

I mainly had soups in winter and hot chocolate (I know) and the bar in the summer - the one constant was Thai chilli for lunch.

In the winter when it's cold you can wrap yourself up and not look like an idiot. But I needed a cardie on the beach in Crete in early June I was so freezing! I guess it was easier in the winter as you could tuck yoruself up in bed early and watch telly and hibernate - the summer I found going for walks made me feel quite jealous of people who could stop in cafes and bars...either is fine really - In a way I'm rather sad that I won't ever experience it again as it was rather comforting sometimes, not having to spend time planning food.
Hi Dave, to make poppadoms you just add a little sparkling water, mix to a paste, spread on non stick baking paper (brown and looks like wrapping paper! ) and microwave for approx 3 mins at max. Tho you should keep checking it as microwaves seem to take diff amounts of time. Leave to cool and you have a big giant poppadom!

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