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Loose skin and stretchmarks


How are you all ensuring that you limit loose skin and stretchmarks from your weight loss?

Is there a miracle cream anybody has found?

I have started body brushing first thing in the morning, moisturiser morning and night and of course I figure the water helps heaps...

Whats your routine?
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After 3 children my stomach already resembles a relief map of the Lake District so any help I can get would be gratefully received!!!!

I used bio oil during and after my pregnanacy and had no stretch marks on my tummy. I already had some on my thighs and hips from years ago and am now using the oil on problem areas after a shower. Not sure my tummy will ever spring back, but its worth a go!
iv heard bio oil is good im gonna get some , im the same 3 kids later and i have the London street map on my stomach x


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Hi all, I can't wait to get to the point where I am worrying about loose skin and stretch marks. Fair play to all. Keep it up.
I've been using Bio-oil - don't know whether its working 'cos I don't know what I wouldv'e looked like if I hadn't used it!!! But no stretchmarks yet - and at one point thought my boobs were going to turn into spaniel's ears but have stayed reasonably perky (so far - fingers crossed!) I've also been using it on my face as its meant to be good for wrinkles too - and I have to admit the frowm line on my forehead seems to have improved. Not cheap but a little goes a long way - it lasts for ages.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Stretchmark cream is also meant to be good - maybe I should use both!!!!!

Carol x
Sorry to be the bringer of doom but was told by my GP to save my money on the oils and creams! She reckons the damage to the skin is so deep that no oils or creams can touch stretchmarks. As for the saggy stomachs - I can relate to you all there. Told my OH at the weekend that I wasn't going to have a tummy tuck when I reach my goal weight, I'm just gonna tuck it all in my knickers! Swish. x
Sorry to be the bringer of doom but was told by my GP to save my money on the oils and creams! She reckons the damage to the skin is so deep that no oils or creams can touch stretchmarks.
I'm trying to prevent getting them in the first place!!! I agree you can't get rid of them if you already have them, but I'm hoping that by keeping my skin moisturised and flexible during my weight loss I will not get any new ones!!!

You can improve their appearance though - the clinical trials of bio-oil show 50% of users had an improvement with 4 weeks.
(by the way - I don't work for the company:D!!!!!)

Carol x


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I honestly believe its down to genes....my mum doesn't have a stretch mark and neither do I (and after having a huge baby!!!! owch!!).

I have heard the bio-oils are fantastic, but have no experience myself.

Good luck. x
I'll be so happy if I carry on losing weight and get down to a healthy weight that I'm willing to live with saggy skin and stretchmarks. I'm sure I'll get less people staring at the saggy skin then I have had staring at my humongous gut!:(


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After having my daughter i have stretch marks all over my tummy, hips and thighs..oh the joys.
I also have a squishy tummy too.
But im not really botherd about my "baby love marks" or my doughy tummy..
I just want my huuuugge hips to be gone!

If your mum has stretch marks..then im afraid you'll probably get them too...embrace them! They dont look *that* bad! (altho if i had a choice i wouldnt want them..but hey ho)
Don't honestly think that these products work it's like cellulite and wrinkle cream isn't it. If you've got the right skin type then there's nothing you can do unfortunately. Feel free to prove me wrong though hope it works 4 u xx


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i swear by lush therapy bars..they are fabulous for the skin.just break a bit off the bar and pop in the bath while the water is running...fabulous!!!! alternitivley you can wait til lyou get out the bath or shower and rub the bar all over your bodywhile you are still damp. this obviously stops your bath getting oily....
I've started going to the gym already - still 2 stones to target - to try and get ahead of it. Figure if I start some weight training now hopefully it will all help to tone it all up as I go along!!!

Carol x
I'll blame my mum then!!!! Lol!

its awfu to thnk about it my tummy looks like abig bag of spuds, told my mother that she will have to give me my inheritance early if i get saggy skin so i can have tummy tuck

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