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losing weight is hard...

:sigh: Hey everyone. Enough of just logging on everyday, I've finally decided to post something! I joined SW two weeks ago and have lost 6 pounds so far. Everything going along nicely and then the peanut M&M's found me on saturday night. I keep trying to tell myself that it takes more than two qeeks to change years worth of a bad relationship with food, but I feel like my own worst enemy. Losing weight is so hard!!
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Hi Chunk,

You are right. Losing weight is so so hard. But the struggle is worth it if it gets us to our goal weight. Try to remember that you wont be on a diet forever, and if you can focus for as long as you need to to reach your goal weight then you can have the M&M's (in moderation) afterwards.

well done on the 6lb so far. THats a great loss for SW. try to forget about the M&M's now and move on. try to drink plenty of water as it helps you feel full.

Have you got much to lose?
thanks for replying!! I wasn't even sure I'd posted in the right place (probably not). I have two stone in total to lose, so just over 1 1/2 now. I just wonder why I sabotage my own success, when it's me that wants to lose the weight. It amazes me that I can have two totally different opinions inside my head; one half wants to be slimmer and the other wants to eat. It's a constant battle!
On the cambridge diet, we call that our chatterbox. You know you dont want to eat the forbidden food, you are probably not even hungry, but your chatterbox tells you you're doing so well, you deserve a little treat, or go on, a little wont hurt you.... Recognising the chatterbox and ignoring it is very very hard, but if you can beat it you will be successful.

Good luck with the rest of your journey
The concious you who wants to be slim does fight the sub concious you that loves food, and to be fair that will never change in my opinion.

At the end of the day though the Cambridge diet isn't for the rest of your life, it isn't a lifestyle choice and isn't as much fun as "eating normally"

Therefore the sooner you finish the diet, learn a few lessons about eating healthier the better.

So time to glug the water, get into ketosis, protect the ketotis and just close your eyes and will yourself slim.

This diet works if you enjoy it, if it feels like a prison sentence then you are likely to break out.

As much as I am trying to ignore it my chatterbox is getting louder and louder :( I dont think ive struggled on CD as much as I have today. How can I shut my chatterbox up?

Im thinking of all the most lovely food and am so sorely tempted but I have stopped myself a few times today. its ME who wants to be slim so why cant I shut them up??

Ive eaten the head off my mother for no real reason and I think I could cry at any minute :wave_cry:
Never live for today on this diet, you need to concentrate so very very hard on the finish line, if you think about today and how tough it is, and how it isn't fair you can't eat and others can, and how hungry you think you are then the diet is so tough.

But if you can smile that you are taking control of your body, smile that you will be slim and look to the future then it is much easier.

Plot your losses in a spreadsheet and work out when you should be at goal weight and let nothing and nobody stand in your way.

Thanks guys I wont give in I know I wont Im just feeling really damned sorry for myself!

Icemoose Ill try the chart thing now and see how it works :D

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