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Lost 5 stone and starting again.....

Hello all,

I have decided to come back to this site after many years of going up and down with my weight. I started last year almost 1 year to the date. I was meant to have a gastric band ( not really a choice I wanted to take) but managed to find something better and non surgical to help me. So cancelled that puppy and I managed to lose 5 stone in as many months just healthy eating and increasing my exercise. I was so very pleased. Then I managed to spend the next 4 months slowing my losses down to 1 pound short of 6 stone gone.

I am not sure if I was getting cold feet or just got my head out of a the great spot it was in, but my losses started to be gains. Over the last few weeks I put a stone back on. So I am determined to ensure that I lose my weight and keep up the work I have been doing.

So here I am...ready to go. I have been eating right, exercising and doing what I need to make myself healthier and happier.

This time next year people, I KNOW I will be at goal. I am not going to let myself start to wonder off track again.

Anyway, I still have another 8 and half stone (ish) to lose....but I am certain that with perseverance and a bit of old fashion gumption, I will get there in the end.

Well that is me, that is where I am and that is where I am going....who's with me? :)
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Think I'll come along for the ride, all the way to slimville :D

Good luck :)
looks like you are almost on a par with me atm - good luck !
Yep looks similar:)

How are you doing on your low fat low carb diet? It seems like it would be a lot of thinking with regards to that.

Not to say I don't think about what I am eating. But since I calorie count and have a good place that has a HUGE database, there is very little I miss out on.

I still eat sweets occassional, have pizza...it just all seems so different from everything else I tried in the past. It took me about 4 weeks to get the hang of it all. But I feel so much better. Not just the weight loss, but I know if I want to have a take away or something ( which is rare as my OH is a fantastic cook) that I just either save some calories over the week or do an extra work out or two and I can have what I want and STILL lose weight.

I think that was what I didn't like about Slimming world what is the point of saying you can have as much as you like? You never learn portion control. You also end up eating as much as you like, then wonder why the weight stops coming off.

I've finally learned or am using a way that seems to work for me. I still eat loads but never feel hungry or deprived. If I want chocolate bar or a pack of crisps or a slice of pie or something I have it. I just have less of it. I always save 200cals a day for dessert. Sometimes I have it and sometimes I don't and save it for another day. But it is there if I want it. So I will have say a small bowl of popcorn and a weight watchers ice cream stick or snack a jacks and a skinny cow ice lolly.

I am currently on 1351 cals per day. And for that I had for lunch ( an old slimming world favourite) 4 x ryvita (type) crisp breads, some dairylea light spread, spring onions and raw mushrooms and turkey ham. Dinner I am having a bbq'd pork rib steak with duchess potatoes and steamed veg. Plus some quavers & a weight watchers ice cream stick. Plus a big fat apple and some 2 portions of red grapes. ( 160g) I have also done a zumba work out today which gives me an additional 173 cals ( if I wanted them because that is what I burned based on my weight and stats for a 20 minute workout) But that amount of food does me just fine.

I look at what I used to eat. Now I didn't eat a load of rubbish. I have always had a good diet, I just ate more of it then I should have. I think now, wow, how did I eat that much!

I eat home made food every day. I rarely eat ready meals. Maybe once a month or so.

Because of the website I used for my calorie counting, I can input our recipes and it tells me how many calories are in each potion. So we make 4 portions and store 2 in the freezers. One normally for the kids to share and one for a night when maybe the other half wants something really high calorie and I don't want it. This way I can still have a nice homemade meal and not worry about the calories.

Sorry if I am going on, just saying what works for me. I know not everyone likes the who calorie counting thing. But once you get used to weighing stuff out,which has now become second nature, it is really easy. I know can easily decide what is good to eat, how much to eat and can portion things properly.

Anyway, enough talking.

Speak soon and all the best.

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