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lost my Mojo .. have you seen it ?

i`m just so mad with myself!
i need to loose almost 9stone.
my health is going down hill - carpal tunnel - pulled a muscle in my back due to trying to exercise on the RC diet (which i did loose weight on but lost motivation after i hurt my back)
im now lucky enough to be home all day and can concentrate on myself .. but it hasnt happend ..
i want a baby desperately but we cant try until i loose the weight
anyone out there to talk straight to me ?
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Hello and welcome.

You will get great advise and people will be very supportive on here, and you have a great goal to aim for, in bringing life into the world. Every time you reach for that cake, chocolate bar, bag of crisps, ask yourself what would I rather have this or a baby.


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You are the only one who can decide to do this. You need to take a good long hard look at your life and decide what about it, right now, is so great that you don't need to change your ways. Is it the the fact that without changing you won't have the family you long for? Is it all the long and short term health risks you are lining up for? Is it having low self esteem and low confidence?(which I presume you have, most of us who long to be thinner suffer that, at least until we start making some real changes)

Come on, if you can't do it with your whole future ahead of you, the future of YOUR CHOICE then all the kicks up the butt are not going to help.

Was that fierce enough? You wanted some tough love, you got it. Doesn't mean I don't wish you well, I do, but don't kid yourself, it's all up to you.
thanks guys ...
exactly what i need .. can you believe the words have been running in my head for two days now .. `say no thankyou, i want a baby` & `its all down to me` & `is this is the future you want`
im off to the supermarket tomorrow -ive cleared the kitchen of naughty stuff and will put the scales upstairs so that asap when i wake up i will weigh my self and the diet starts on monday - ive now got a goal in mind - to be slimmer for my birthday in NOvember - thats not too much to ask is it? the dog is now getting 4 walks a day instead of 2 and i will be more regular on here - you know ive done it before i can do it again ... im happy, confident and fun when i am slim - just found out someone i know is pregnant at 47 - so i`ve still got a chance - you only have one life - live it!
thanks guys i`ll keep in touch xxx
my gp said that if i had gained weight recently that can trigger carpal tunnel .. he gave me a splint to wear at night ..
so i am up and running .. motivation is taped to the fridge and (although a day late - we had a public holiday here) i`m on the diet ...just eating sensible (veg & fruits), drinking lots of water and extra walks for puppy Bella - im very determined and everytime i look down at my body i wonder whose it is .. where`s the bubbly blue eyed blonde with thin ankles gone ???????? i look more like Hetty Wainthrope or Nora Batty than Sharon Stone but im determined to have a big loss by NOvember - one day at a time - so i`ll be on here every morning !
good luck to everyone just talking their first steps - we can and we will do this!!

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