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My husband = My hero
Hi ladies!

Aww Thanks for thinking of me!

STILL pregnant im afraid!

still smiling just about, really starting to find it tough now, my back is in agony and desperately trying to keep walking so gravity can help things along!

on the plus side, like Kirsty said - the army have granted Peter his Pat leave early as he has to go to Kenya for 6 week on the 1st march - so at least he wont miss the birth and will hopefully have a week with the baby before he has to go!

Have my 40 week appointment tomorrow and the hospital are aware of our situation so hopefulyl will have some good news for me!!

Cervix is fully effaced but still nearly 1cm thick so just desperately trying to get it paper thin! Have had 4 - yes 4 - sweeps now, and still not a sausage!

Hoping the 5th will get thigns moving and if not im looking to buy a stick of dynomite from somewhere!!

Will let you know what happens tomorrow..

Lots of love to you and babies

Have u tried evening primrose capsules? sex?

Will keep my fingers x bubs makes an appearance sooner rather than later, so hubby gets time b4 he goes.


My husband = My hero
havnt tried the evening primrose hun, how do you take it?

drinking about 4-5 cups of RLT a day, and since hubby been home daily sex as uncomfortable as it is!

Also eat about 9 pineapples and am on the birthing ball for about 2 hours a day...

u insert it at nite.

i suppose u can only do what ur doing. but unless baby is ready nothing will happen.

what about a long trip on a bumpy bus??


My husband = My hero
Hello my loves!!

Just got back from my 5 th sweep!

Dr couldn't believe I hadn't gone into labour yet!!!

Cervix 2cm and half cm thick..

Have booke me in for iduction next Friday - will break my waters an put me on drip no need for the gel as cervix is doing as it should ...

Didn't think I would make it to induction date so here's hoping!!

Going for a walk now with hubby an also ball tea etc!!

Hopefully more news soon xxx


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Awww, at least you have a date should things not get moving by then hun, so you've got a rough idea of when Bean will arrive. :)
Fingers crossed he/she makes their grand entrance soon! :D xxx
Get out walking. Dnt wanna put u off induction. But after 2 normal deliveries and being induced this 3rd time. Havin the pitocin was hellish. Look into it more b4 u go through with it. I wish someone had told me too xx

fingers x tho ur 5th sweep will work xx

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
My goodness I'm shocked at how many sweeps they've given you! ((Hugs))
My MW's wouldn't go near till 10 days over! lol

Sorry missed the boat on the RLT tablets - not sure where time goes honestly. Hope you can forgive me.

Really hope all goes well for you when Lo does show up :) enjoy the rest while you can and relax as much as you can. Glad your DH is home too. x
Oh, how I feel for you! My DH lived abroad when both of ours were born. When I had DS he came back the day before my due date for his 4 week paternity leave, and day after day passed and no baby! I was SO desperate! I tried everything you have mentioned, as well as reflexology and acupuncture. I had at least 7 sweeps... Nothing worked! In the end, I gave up trying to start labour and decided to chill with a glass of wine (rare treat as it is when pg!) and some pregnancy friendly sushi. A few hours later I went into labour!

I went into labour naturally with both of mine, but both were 12 days late and I had to fight against being induced with my DS (policy was to induce at term+10). I just did not like what I had read about induced labours - read up before you accept it so you know what to expect.

Anyway, fingers crossed that won't be needed!!! Lots of labour vibes coming your way and hopefully you will go into labour tonight!


My husband = My hero
Hi ladies - bot goin to quote and reply as in an awful lt of pain right now!! Woohoo!!!

All lower back and pullin feelings towards cervix...

Hoping it doesn't end in nothing but deffinately hurts more than anything iv had before! Yippee!!

My mw is my second mum known her since I was 11 so she's been sweeping the life out of me lol

saw my doctor today tho and if you'll excuse tmi his hands were massive...

Have been bleeding/ mucousy since sweep and pains really getting goin so hoping his man handling me did it!!

Millions of loves to u all for your kind words!!

More news as there is any!



Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Ooooo I really hope this is it for you hun!! Looking forward to reading the updates! :D xx COMEEEEEEEEEE ON BABY BEAAAAANNNN!!!


My husband = My hero
Hi guys

I'm in labour woohoo!!

Just got back from midwife - still early stages - 3cm dilated but I'm made up!!

Coping well using hypnobirthing - just about to get a nice bath as sent hubby to bes for rest!!

Pls don't write on my facebook yet if I'm friends with you on there as not sent all our texts yet so don't want family to be offended etc!!

Happy contracting xxx
Am so glad u went into labour urself.

All the best, will keep my fingers x everything goes uickly and smoothly for u. cant wait to hear all about it xx

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