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LT for men?


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Afternoon all,

well as some of you may or may not know i start my LT journey a week today. Im really excited for my start and my OH is starting to think about the diet now. So was wondering what LT for men entails. Number of packs, cost and losses. Hopefully there will be a couple of guys lingering about. Thanks in advance.
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hiya, at my chemist its £46 for the men but prices do vary at each chemist. i do believe men only have 2 sachets a day aswell not much info i know but dont really know an awfull lot about the mens side of it, but im sure someone will post here telling you alot more :)

We are given 2 sachets per day, at a cost of £48 per week.

Same flavour options available as womens shakes!

All the best, Tom


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Thanks for the reply Tom, will let my OH know later. How have you found the diet so far if you dont mind me asking?


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Myself and the OH do the diet together, it really help with the motivation and the cravings when you can both sit there having a shake talking about the hunger! If you're doing it I completely recommend you do it together!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Men can have four of the female lipotrim shakes or two of the male shakes. Men will also lose more weight than women on LT. It really would be great if your OH can join you as you will support each other and won't find the time passing. As to cost, I think you spend more on regular food and drink than you will on LT.
I'm into my 5th week now, and down around 25lbs.

It's 2 shakes a day (they're larger packs than ladies ones)


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Have spoke to him, the cost combined for both of us is giving him palpatations lol. Not quite, but you understand where im coming from!
I think you must save money in the long run if you're not buying food in the supermarket, take-aways etc... Not much washing up either and the bin won't need emptying much! Bonus!


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These things are all true, but we also money for my DDs food and nappies. Thats the clincher ya see. We're going to have a sit down later and see what we can do.

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