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Lush Treats - advice needed!

Right! I'm off for another visit to Lush at lunch time (I can't help it - I have a real problem!!! ;)).

Was thinking of trying some new products that i've not tried before can anyone recomend their favs?

I'm also intrigued by the henna hair dye stuff but not sure if it works - any experiences?
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ooh well I am hoping my lush order is at home tonight as I ordered a load on the weekend. I have ordered the Shampoo bar and the conditioner bar as they had great reviews and I thought it might be nice for my hair. Can't wait to try them. I have also bought some bath bombs that I've never tried out before, so can't wait till they come. Have you tried the geophyzz bath bomb? If you haven't, I'd definitely advise to try it as it's so nice - doesn't look the nicest, but you feel gorgeous afterwards! x Let us know what you get x


This is the last time!!
Probably too late now to be of help. But I'll give my 10 pence worth all the same ;)
I do love the 'Haagen Bath bath bomb' but that's really the only bath bomb I buy. Instead, I buy the bubble bars and bath melts. I find that I can break chunks off these and make them last longer, if you put a whole one in a single bath your whole bathroom would be a mass of lovely smelling bubbles. I love pretty much all of these.
The 'Helping Hands' hand cream is brilliant, as is the 'Dream Cream' and hubby swears by the Gent's shaving products. He also uses the 'Snake Oil' bar for his scalp (which is a bit flakey but also oily too). Oh, he also loves their Lemon soap, gets all of the muck off his hands when he has been working on vehicles.
I bought a 'Soap Stack' before, I think it's the only thing that I haven't raved about...the coconut bits in one of the bars were quite sharp and scratched my skin :(

I can't wait to actually go in a Lush shop next week when I'm over in UK, it's so much more fun choosing things in the flesh rather than clicking a button online.
I love Lush muchly! :) Spent too much though (don't tell O/H!!!!) Gotta bag of goodies though! I got:

Buffy soap
Jasmine and Henna intensive conditioner
Cupcake mask
Cosmetic warrior mask (smells vile but does the trick for bad skin!)
Stardust bath bomb
The comforter bubble bar (my fav!! Pink, yummy and bubbly!)
Amandopono bubble bar
Herbalism cleanser

The i got freebies too:

English country garden bath bomb
rub rub rub shower gel (exfoliating)

Free samples:

Lemony flutter cuticle butter
electro soap
spice curls soap

OK so i got carried away...... :eek: Got a loada freebies too though!!! :D
i went with teh girls last night and bought happy pills orange and yellow tablet like bomb, olive oil shower gel, and they gave me a huge size bathbomb for free, and john asked if he could have a sample and she gave him a happy pill bomb free i was happy as he has showers and i have the baths


Step away from the chips!
Oh sounds like a worthwhile trip esp with all the freebies!

I love Lush, and, although its too late now - not for the next trip though eh? ;):D - my faves are Ma-bar bubble bar, Hot milk? bubble bar, Butterball & Honeybee ballistics, Figs & leaves, Honey I washed the Kids and Milky bar soaps, Sonic Death Monkey shower gel (you spotting a trend yet? ;):D I love the honey, sugary, chocolatey, milky stuff lol). Dream Cream is just the best thing ever as is Helping Hands hand cream. Oh and the Whip Stick and Honey Trap lip balms.

My all-time favourite though is the Uluru bath bomb which i dont think they stock in the stores anymore but you can get in the retro section of the website.

I soooo need a trip to Lush lol :D


This is the last time!!
oooh and don't forget "Rock Star" soap - my favourite!!!! I was hoping my order would be here today :( hopefully it will be here by tomorrow as I can't wait to get using some of it x
Well, i had a loverly eve of lush pampering! Yummy! :D


please try again
well after reading this i just had to go lol

i bought:
lemslip butter
bohemian lemon soap
cosmetic worrior
white wedding bath bomb
ickle baby angel
blue skies bubble bar
sexy peel soap
amandopondo bubble bar
star dust bath bomb ( free )
and canvas bag ( free )

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