Magners anyone ?

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Discover Plan Points' started by Jo Slim, 5 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Jo Slim

    Jo Slim Silver Member

    :)Hi all,
    does anyone know how many points in 568ml bottle of magners?
    Also the pear one aswell, ta very much:)
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  3. blackwidow

    blackwidow Gold Member

    theres 3 in a pint (568ml) of magners, however i dont know about the pear one - sorry! x
  4. *Saski*

    *Saski* Up for the challenge

    Hey Jo!

    Apple cider 568ml bottle is 3 points not too sure about the pear one and can't find nutritional info for it online, i did try :). I would have thought they were similar though. Next time you go to have a pear cider just divide the calories by 70 and that should be about right for the points value.

    Hope that helps.

    *Saski* xx
  5. *Saski*

    *Saski* Up for the challenge

    Tehe just beat me to it blackwidow! :) xx
  6. sortingoutmylife

    sortingoutmylife Silver Member

    Have you tried Magners light? They sell it in supermarkets and some pubs - and it's lovely!! It's 1 point for small bottle and 1.5 for the bigger bottle (330ml) I always have some in the fridge for .. um... emergencies ;)

  7. Jo Slim

    Jo Slim Silver Member

    Thanks everyone,
    I,m deffo gonna look out for the light one aswell, good to know:D
  8. *Saski*

    *Saski* Up for the challenge

    They had it on special offer a morrisons a couple of weeks back so might be worth a look there if there is one near you. :) x
  9. AllieJ

    AllieJ Full Member

    I love the light version!
  10. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Gold Member

    i love magners, need to try the light one for small points

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