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Making the shakes?


Getting her sparkle back
Hi everyone,
It's my first day today!
Am a bit confused though as in my week 1 booklet it says to mix the shakes with 200-400ml of water. However, in the foundation book it says 180-200ml.
So I mixed my vanilla shake with 200ml of water, and it tasted ok but am I doing it right?
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it really is trial and error and see what you prefer. if you like thick and sweet, limit the water, if thin and volume add more.

Mix too taste basically
there's no science to it and I never measured the water. Just whack in the powder, fill about three quarters full, put on the top, shake and pour. Mine would usually end up being about a pint but I know some people prefer less water. Just play about with it till you find what works for you!


Getting her sparkle back
Thank you both!
It really is trial and error...made a hot chocolate this evening to drink whilst watching Britain's Got Talent and it was a big lumpy mess!
But am sure i'll get the hang of it over the next 14 weeks :)
I found the chocolate one was really lumpy if I mixed it in the shaker. I used to do it in a big mug, mix it to a smooth patse with a bit of cold water using the back of a desert spoon and then add hot water from the kettle,stirring to prevent lumps forming.
BL suggested it was improved by adding a couple of sweeteners. Although i don't ususally like sweet drinks it worked for me. I made it like that almost every night for a year.
I never used the shaker. I used to mix all the shaked with a spoon. Made it very easy when I was out and about. I also found that the powder got stuck at the bottom of the shakers.
Whatever works for you. If you want to get it over with, mix with a little water. If you like it add extra, makes it last longer.
You'll find out which way suits you best.
Good luck.

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