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Marmite.....Love it or Hate it answers below please!!

Love it too! Hubby and I were both 'Marmite Babies' and have never grown up! A pot goes EVERYWHERE with us, on every holiday, even to Russia, and we always keep a pot in the car in case of an 'unexpected' all day breakfast or some similar emergency!

Couldn't survive without it. Love the squeezy pots too - until you need to rinse out the last dregs to add to soup or stew or something...


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I used to like it when I had it on buttered toast. Now I don't have butter - or bread come to that - I never use it.
LOVE it! I used to have peanut butter and marmite on toast, yum!
I can understand being scared of spiders, scared of flying, scared of the dark - but scared of tasting Marmite????

I am going to be awkward and say that I don't like or dislike Marmite. It's OK, wouldn't buy any, but certainly wouldn't refuse to eat it if it was in something I was given to eat.
I love my mate Marmite !!! Every time my dad makes me marmite on toast or he watches me make it he says dont put it on too hard (meant to say thick) lol aparently thats what i use to say when I was a little girl .. Dad I am nearly 32 now hahahahahaha he loves it too mum hates it and my oh hates which is very annoying lol xxxx:D
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I love it - OH hates it - so I always try and get him with a big Marmite kiss! xxx

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