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maternity clothes

Hi there. Just have had my 2nd baby there in March! \when buying maternity clothes you buy them in your usual size-they have been adjusted to allow for bump. I didnt buy lots of maternity clothes both times tbh as there are plenty of smock tops/dresses available that have loads of room and are good with leggings. Primark is great for cheap dresses etc to wear with leggings. I got a nice pair of maternity trousers and linen trousers from next for work as well as some wee things in the sale from gap. Dorothy perkins and new look are good too. You'll not want to spend loads tho cuz believe me if you're anything like me, you'll never wanna wear the stuff again once you're not pg anymore ;)

I didnt bother with a bump band with DS but I did with DD. it just meant I could still wear my normal sized t-shirts and the bump band covered the bit of my belly that the t-shirt didnt.

I bought a 'belly belt' from ebay too for the early months-it meant i could still wear my normal trousers

I know what you mean about maternity clothes, i only wanted a pair of jeans. There is above the bump, below the bump, soft panel, side panel and tummy panel. then the maternity jeans range from £15 to £75.

I only wanted a pair of maternity Jeans. :cry:
I have got two pairs of bottoms I live in- both from Next, size 20 - one over the bump, one with the stretchy pocket thingys, one white linen, one black cargo pants. Both extremely comfy :). I just wear tops I already have, most of them are stretchy or baggy anyway xxx


Buy your normal size pre pregnancy, so I wear a size 16 maternity.

Buy what you need. Trousers, tops, need measured for bras when your boobs go up. Personally I invested in some size 18-20 seam free knickers from Primark as I'm an over the bump girl and I like my BIG pants.

Bump bands - you can get 2 for £6 from Asda, You can use them to hold up mat clothes that just needs a bit of holding up because you're not quite into them yet or cover up any gaps your tee shirts/tops may leave if they ride up.

Where? I got a good load of stuff from ebay - keeps the costs down, trousers from Next that normally cost £18 I got for £5 incl p&p.
Primark - I just bought some stretchy tee shirts to show off my bump and some tops a size bigger than I normally wear and touch wood, so far been fine. I also bought some cheapy leggings as they are comfy for lazing about in and don't constrict my bump.


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got next jeans over bump
next jeans under bump and swimming costume from ebay, all 2 big


How far on are you? I found my maternity gear didn't start fitting properly til 16/18 weeks and even then dependant on clothes.

If they are a bit loose, get to Asda with Maternity section and buy 2 bump/maternity bands, they look like mini skirts, wearing over the beans or trousers will hold them up a bit like a belt til you fill them out.


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14 weeks, i found some clothes on ebay, but inbetween sizes


Oh at that stage I just went up a dress size and never bothered with maternity clothes until I had an actual bump.

Also to say in my previous post, I have no idea what I meant by "wearing over beans" maybe I was going for jeans? No idea. Sorry.
Over the bump leggings with a tunic top are really comfortable and a maxi dress is a good buy as it will look good even before the bump completely fills it out (great in the sun too!)

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