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maybe a silly question...


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when youre exercising do you need to eat more calories to loose weight?

i know this sounds silly but, for eg if your body needs 1000 calories a day to function,you have those 1000 calories,then you exercise 500 off per day, does this mean you need to eat more to loose weight? :confused:

just trying to get my head around exercise and calories and burning calories, but then i hear that if your body doesnt get the calories to function,then thats when the weight loss can stop? :confused:
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i asked my pt the same thing!
and he said no....
just eat small meals often (for eg 250cals over each meal 5 times a day)
i couldnt get my head round that, so kinda stuuck to 250 cals breakfast, lunch 300cals and dinner 400-500.. and then a snack if i needed it...


Violet is shrinking
Hi Kes, well i did my fitness pal last night, and my exercise for yesterday earnt me a load of bonus calories for the day...which is crazy,cos i'll never eat them all!! :)
i know mine did that as well, hence why i asked the pt about it... i cant see why you would want to eat more cals, when your trying to burn them off...
if you were doing something like what i am. (very low cal diet) then i would say yes, eat a little more or another pack. but when you are eating 1200ish cals then its not going to do you much good if you are eating the cals you burnt off


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i know,doesnt makes sense does it?:rolleyes:
i thought that by eating low calories you'd loose weight, but then also read/heard that you need to a lot more calories to loose weight,so i dunno what im doing at the moment lol! :)
im not sure on the eating more to lose.... i honestly can not comment on that... but i have been going by what the pt said.. and he should know...
I earnt 1500 bonus cals yesterday (did 5 miles at gym and 1hr at badminton). I ignore the extra i earn. You need the 1200 cals to stop your body going into starvation mode, so when you exercise, your burning the fat. Your body is using the food you eat to keep running normally, but the exercise is helping you to burn the unneeded energy stored as fat.
I hope i'm explaining it ok. I'm off out in a moment (its my 30th birthday!) but tonight or in the morning, i will see if i can find a website that will explain it all. If that fails, i will e-mail my Sister-In-Law who is a physio and ask her to explain it and will post it on here for you.


Violet is shrinking
Happy Birthday!!

thanks soooo much,i think i understand what your saying..:)

for me to do this effectively i do need to understand what im doing and how to change this to get the best results... who said dieting was easy :eek:

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