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maybe this maybe why some people feel worse than others when starting lipotrim?


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found this article on a site called nutrition friend and thought it may be of interest to people!

"If you start to drink 2 litres immediately, from not drinking any, it may make you feel sick and unwell as your body will go immediately into a detox and cleanse by releasing lots of toxins that will make you feel unwell."

they recommend that you increase water intake gradually to the level you will be consuming! maybe a thought to condsider for those thinking of starting lipotrim to start increasing water consumption prior to:D

I drink alot of water anyway, so hopefully wont be too bad. but it may explain how some people feel and be interesting to see if people experience the symptoms if they significantly increase/decrease water intake during diet?

suppose what I have gained from this is to be consistent with water intake to minimise symptoms :D

happy drinking:D
and by the way water is amazing stuff... did you know:

Water can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, according to new research.

Almost 1 in 5 women who drank 1.5 litres of water per day saw a reduction in wrinkles after 6 weeks - without making any other changes to their diet.

Water is also said to give us sparkly eyes, clear our skin of spots and make us look glowing and healthy. But water has lots of benefits for your health too.

Almost two thirds of our body is made up of water, so it's no wonder that when we don't drink enough we start to suffer.

1. Water helps with weight loss

Great news for anyone trying to lose a few pounds - water naturally reduces your appetite.

A lot of people confuse feeling thirsty with feeling hungry so they eat when their body wants them to drink something. When you're dehydrated, fat cells become harder to break down and so anyone actually trying to diet will find it a lot harder if they don't drink very much.

2. Water stops headaches and dizziness

Don't reach for the pills straight away, your headache could be a symptom of being dehydrated so drinking water should make it go away.

Even tension headaches and dizziness, which can be brought on by fatigue can be cured or helped by drinking water - this is because fatigue is also a sign of dehydration.

3. Water clears your skin

Most people know that drinking more water can be good for clear skin and it can also help the symptoms of acne.

If you've got dry skin, drinking water will give it more moisture but that's not all. Water flushes toxins out of your body and anything else that shouldn't be there so it clears your skin of any dirt and bacteria.

4. It fights infections
Drinking water can help fight infections all over your body, not only because it flushes out toxins but because when you're dehydrated you're more likely to catch a bug.

It's especially good for getting rid of and preventing urine infections and kidney stones.

Being well hydrated is also great for allergies and colds because it clears the airways. Even cold sores can be reduced by drinking more water because they tend to pop up in places where your skin is particularly dry.

5. It keeps you regular
If you suffer from constipation or piles you might have been told to increase how much fibre you eat. This is definitely one way of getting rid of the problem but you'll need to drink more water for the fibre to work properly. Otherwise it could have the opposite effect and make you worse.

6. It makes you exercise better
It's common sense to replace the fluids you lose when you sweat with water, but what might not be obvious is that your body works better and harder during your workout if you drink water.

7. It improves concentration
Because your brain is made of around 85% water if you get dehydrated it can affect your concentration and even your short-term memory.

It has a particularly strong effect on your maths skills and it's all because lack of water causes your brain's energy levels to decrease.

8. It boosts your energy
In the same way that not drinking enough water makes your brain slow down it has the same effect on your body.

For example, your muscles are around 75% water, your bones are about 22% and your blood is around 83%.

If you're dehydrated, all these body parts don't work as well as they should meaning you lack energy and feel tired or lazy.

9. It supports your heart
The hardest working muscle of all needs a lot of water to keep it going at full speed.

When you get dehydrated your blood gets thicker so the heart has to work even harder. And if your heart is weak it can lead to more serious heart problems later in life.

A study by Eden found that drinking more than five glasses of water a day could cut your chances of having a heart attack by 41%, compared with people who drank less than two glasses a day.

above info sourced from goodtoknow health

I say yeah to water:D:D:D:D:D:D
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Great info Lucylis. Good to know, thanks for that!


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Thanks for the info Lucy.

I drink a lot of water, but actually overdid it on the first week in excess of 4ltrs. Now drinking more sensibly.



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Great post!

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weighs a lot less
found that really interesting , cant believe how much water actually does and if it helps with wrinkles thats a major bonus !!!!

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