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mc donalds happy meal?

no please

tall me it can t b true,according 2 the nutritional content on the mcdonalds website ive counted it as 14 propoints,was goint 2 go 4 1 2day might have 2 think again


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According to the Eat Out Guide, a hamburger is 7pp, a cheeseburger is 8pp, 6 chicken nuggets is 7pp and a small fries is 6pp.

So ranging between 13 and 14pp.


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You'll be fine! In the grand scale of things a meal for 13pp is pretty good! My only problem is that it wouldn't fill me up I don't think so I'd want two ;)
Big Mac 13pp
Cheeseburger 8pp (though on ww site says 7pp same as hamburger but if you work it out from mcdonalds site and using ww cal online it's 8pp not 7pp )
Hamburger 7pp
double cheese 12pp
4 chicken nuggets (happy meal) 5pp
6 chicken nuggets 7pp
chicken mayo 9pp
mcChicken sandwich 10pp
med fries 9pp
small fries 6pp
milkshakes small (all flavs) 6pp Med (all flavs) 11pp
Hashbrown 3pp
Bagel 6pp
Bagel with strawberry jam 7pp
BBQ Dip 1pp
Bacon and Egg Muffin 9pp
Bacon roll with ketchup 9pp
sausage and egg muffin 11pp
sausage egg and cheese bagel 15pp
bacon egg and cheese bagel 12pp
pancakes and sausage 12pp
pancakes and syrup 14pp

Crunchie 9pp
Dairy 9pp
Rolo 11pp
Smarties 9pp
Strawberry sun 10pp
Toffee sun 10pp
sugar doughnut 6pp
thanks so much for the info
no probably most take away propoint values have been given at top of page in a thread called few take away pp :)
bought the eating out guide 2nite,so that will b a great help,though nearly died when i saw the points on tj fridays,guess i won t b eating there 4 awhile

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