Mc ds big tasty


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Doesnt state online..should imagine about 30 as a quarter pounder is 24.5 and that is the same..a bit bigger and more dressing haha...just a wild guess. They are to die for tho! Enjoy if you do..probably is worth 2 days of syns xx


I'm so with you on this! Love a big tasty and tried looking up online, eventually decided it wasn't worth it! Thank god now if thirty syns is right!!


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42 syns in a big tasty... I watched my husband eat one the other day while I had a garden salad and a fruit bag! God I was watering at the mouth, there so nice, but not as nice as my target weight will be when I get there.


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42 Syns..Jesus!! :eek:


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42 SYNS?!?!

Thats like 4 days syns!!!


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anyone know syns for mcchicken burgers?