McChicken sandwich


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Hi everyone
Need help, brought my son to McDonald's as a treat as he won medal for Irish dancing this afternoon, anyways I was so hungry I couldn't say no to something should have been more prepared....
How many propoints in a McChicken sandwich just gonna take out of my weekly pp as only used 10 so far ??
Laineymcd xxx
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OlliesDolly said:
10 pp hun. use them that's what their there for. I'm dreaming about my chinese tonight. 49pp to 0pp in 5 seconds. must be some sort of record. nom.....

Thanks a mil Hun, 10 pp not bad for about 5sec's of enjoyment !!!! Liking this weekly pp things especially when I had nothing to tie me over until I get home.. Enjoy the Chinese xxx


OMG!!!!... & I thought I was being good by not eating anything with the rest of my family.... That was such a waste of 5 point :(
Thanks for the info though!!