meal out help please!!


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I just checked their website Miller & Carter - Home and it says "In the Steakhouse Restaurant at every Miller & Carter you'll find expert grill chefs plying their skills. Our fantastic menu includes premium beef steaks, as well as great fish, lamb, chicken and pork options all grilled to perfection". So you could have steak with jacket potato and salad?


Miller and Carter do amazing food! I went over Xmas and you could have jacket instead of chips. The steak also came with a massive wedge of lettuce. I guess you'd just have to avoid the sauce on the salad and steak


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Oh my goodness, Miller and Carter do the best steak I have ever eaten, no question. Like other person said you don't have to have a sauce, ask for jacket potato and for them to leave off the parsley butter.

You'll be fine and enjoy it.


Would love a cream bun!!
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Just searched for MIller & Carter as I'm going tonight... Its my most favourite restaurant I've ever been to but have to limit myself whilst on SW so tonight is the first time in three months!! I already know exactly what I'm having... Sirloin steak topped with bacon and mushroom sauce and jacket pot with iceberg wedge and no sauce :) Cannot wait xxx :)


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Oh. My. Gosh.
That sound's amazing!! :drool:
Enjoy xxx


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Could anyone hazard a guess at how many syns are in the raspberry prosecco sorbet and white choc meringue at M&C. Too late if its loads as I had it last night ha-ha! I wish I hadn't because it wasn't that nice so I am hoping its around 13 or 14 to stay within my syns for the day.....