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I'm not a doctor, but do work in a hospital where many of our patients are on statin medication. I don't believe it should have much effect your weight. I think simvastatin can have other side effects, but they don't appear to be related to weight. But that is just my guess, as I said, I'm not a doctor and not qualified to give advice on medication.

I do know someone, however, on statin medication who is also doing SW and she has lost three stone. Not sure if this is helpful or not! :eek:


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My dad's on simvastatin (along with many other tablets), and lost 10lb last week and 8.5lb this week. not sure if that's good news to you, or bad :eek: but hopefully it'll rule out the medication stopping you from losing?do you keep a food diary that we can look through for you? do you weigh all your healthy extras? what days do you do... red/green/ee? how many syns are you having? are you eating plenty of superfree foods?sorry for all the questions :eek: but the more answers you/we have, the sooner you/we can get to the bottom of it and you can start losing again! :D xx


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Thanks Beki!
I am doing a food diary for my consultant but I'll do one here too as all the help I can get is brilliant!
I am doing EE only at the mo but if I continue sticking I'll change to a mixture of green and red. That has always worked for me in the past but I prefer EE.
I had been having 15 syns a day (on average.. some days a little less and some a little more) My consultant suggested I cut to 10 this week, which I am doing.
The only Healthy Extras I eat are one Hi Fi Bar and 3 extra light Laughing Cow cheese triangles. I don't eat cereals or drink coffee so I don't use milk at all.
I have totally filled up on free foods and eat loads of fruit and veg.
I have not had a single slice of bread, crisps, sweets or chocolate in 3 weeks since I rejoined SW and I honestly don't want or miss them!
Someone mentioned a large salt intake could slow down weight loss due to water retention. I tend to over salt so I cutting that right back this week.
I know I must be doing ok really, despite no weight loss these last two weeks. I have lost 2 and a half inches round my waist! Where is it going? ;)

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