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message for very determined this time!


i love minimins me :)
hey emma

i no this post an for me but...

i started at a size 18 (even bought a 20 dress :() and my aim is to also be a size 12 :)

how tall are u?

Thats ok! anyone is welcome it was just to catch her attention!!

Im 5ft 7ish!! had i not of started this diet last week then i dare say that size 18 would have been a distant memory!!

how r u finding it?


Wants to be a loser!

Just cruising the threads I've missed since yesterday and came across this one.

It is really interesting to hear what size veryone is in relation to how tall people are.

I am also 5 ft 7in (and a peanut) and based on my wi on saturday currently 14st 10lb and still a size 20!!!

Maybe I really am big boned :p.

My initial goal is to get down to 11st 5lb as that is just under bmi 25 for me but from when I was previously that weight (many many many years ago!!!) I was still a size 16. Once I have got under bmi 25 I would really like to get down to a 14 but I think I will have to wait and see as it might be that to lose enough weight to get there I would be too thin for me. Too thin - thats something I thought I would never have to think about :D I love CD.
S: 16st8lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 36.4 Loss: 0st13lb(5.6%)
hi girlies how are we???

im good!
well kind off, slightly strugling today

just had a strawberry milkshake

was gorgeous!

im 5 foot 5

17 stone 1

size 20/22


Wants to be a loser!
One CD day for me seems very much similar to the last for me at the moment, I think after 7 weeks I have fallen into a bit of a rhythm (sp?)

I have had the day off work today as British Gas wanted to change my gas meter but as usual give you a 12 hour appointment slot :( hence I have been on and off here all day!!!

My counsellor emailed me my before photos last night and so I now have those along with my 6 weeks in photos to compare - I now have a defined waist and my boobs actually stick out further than my stomach!! I am currently plucking up the courage to post them, that is if I can figure out how to post them!!!
Hey guys,

Not sure if this helps, but I'm 5' 2" (hence the munchkin thing) and at 10st 11lbs was a 14 (but I have to say I have a big butt & thighs for someone so ickle) but my BMI was still unhealthy and put me well into the overweight category. Between 10.5 stone and 9.5 I wear a 12. But, and this is why I post this - my sister and I can weigh exactly the same and I always wear at least 1 dress size bigger than her :cry:Not fair :mad:

Everyone is so different - and what looks like a nice weight on one person will make someone else look big because of their frame. Anyhows, please keep us updated on progress. It's always great to hear happy news to keep us motivated xx


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I'm very similar to you - 5'5 and am starting at 16stone 12lbs, my heaviest ever :(. Struggling to get into my size 20 clothes - work wardrobe is severely limited at the moment, most of them are 18s.

I'm just getting to the end of day 3 - had a thumping headache for most of it but feeling better now. Looking forward to first weigh in on Sat and hope I'll have made a good start.....
S: 16st8lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 36.4 Loss: 0st13lb(5.6%)
hi ellie

ha ha ha ha i have loads of too tight clothes!

im not tooo bad the now!

still another soup too have

well done girl!


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