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Michael Schumacher the Stig


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Seriously? Just so I can tell DH :D
Thats what they've said this evening Kay - but I doubt its been him the whole time ...I think maybe a guest stig will appear every week....l dunno - I know they said it was him - I'm just doubtful! :D

debs xx


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No!!! What a surprise, I thought that it would have just been one of the Top Gear crew, well who'd have thought it.
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I think they have thrown in a red herring! My partners father is a professional cameraman. Yesterday he was filming in cars and on tracks with a few different people. He had been recording with one particular guy and was having a chat with him, he said he did A LOT of work for top gear to which he replied "You have a secret identity don't you?" The guy smiled and said "All I'll say is I do a lot of work for top gear!"

They wouldn't reveal who he is because it defeats the whole point of having "The Stig"

There are alot of things on line about who he is and his name is mentioned during the time Richard Hammond had his accident as the only other guy present. He's done stunt things on top gear before as himself and not the stig. Its defo not Michael Schumacher

Ummmm i'm watching Top Gear tonight.... they have made it offical who the stig is...... If it is or isnt who know's but Top Gear have told us tonight its Michael Schumacher
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It's just a joke for the show! Funny though :)


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They wouldnt reveal the identity of the stig just defeats the purpose! Still good joke! - liked the way schumi went along with it! Good craic!


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I love Top Gear! My other half now firmly believes that Schumacher is the Stig despite me telling him otherwise. Oh well, I suppose he can dream. Personally I agree that it was all tongue in cheek!

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Love Schumi, love Top Gear, good laugh but agree it appears to just be a wind up



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i still think it's damon hill! :D
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Just been told its a publicity stunt by bicardi for there drink driving campaign ..

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news..

Oh & I also thought it was true.. :( lol x

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