Mike on TV

Thanks guys

Can't believe I got that question wrong!! I did get to the last 8 which was cool though!!

I have to say the producers treated us really badly and we were there for 10 hours on set with only one pee break so I was happy to get out of there!!

Well you did your best and honeslty don't think I could of done two hours without a pee:(

Will the show be repeated?
Ahh wish i'd seen it. :rolleyes:
sounds horrible of the producers though! :(
I missed it too :(

I guess they don't do repeats?

Nope but I am on the one next week as well I think, I didn't get to the last 8 on that one lol, I went out on a question about Taiwan which has never been my strong subject!!

We were only let go to the loo when I started whistling the great escape and about 30 other people joined in, it sounded really good actually LMAO!