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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Mindy, 26 October 2008 Social URL.

  1. Mindy

    Mindy Dreaming of being slim!


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  3. BeverleyG

    BeverleyG Full Member

    your face is a lot slimmer and so is your chin, wow. well done :D
  4. bettylollypop

    bettylollypop soon to be skinny minnie

    You can defo see the difference, your face is thinner, well done keep up the good work.
  5. mod-karen79

    mod-karen79 rainbows holiday buddy :)

    you've lost loads of your chin and your neck is much slimmer too!
  6. Gene Genie

    Gene Genie Mad as cheese

    yep you deffo look thinner keep up the good work !
    x Gen
  7. Mindy

    Mindy Dreaming of being slim!

    :D:D:D thankyouuu :D:D:D
  8. loobylou

    loobylou Reached Target. woohoo

    You look great, actually you could be your'e younger sister. xxx
  9. victoria sponge

    victoria sponge Silver Member

    you can defo see you ve lost weight..well done keep up the good work x
  10. sm1ler

    sm1ler Full Member

    you really cant see much difference?? Look at ur chin and cheeks hun, you have lost alot from your face!!!
    well done. keep it up!
  11. zenabob2105

    zenabob2105 Silver Member

    you can tell you've lost by you face, chin and neck, well done, keep it up....
  12. SpaceAngel

    SpaceAngel I ate my willpower!

    You really can tell the difference. Your face is so much slimmer now. Well done you for loosing all that weight. I bet your feeling fantastic!
  13. Minders

    Minders Finding inspiration

    Definitely a difference. Even with just the facial view the differences are obvious. Your face neck and chin are all much different now. Well done you!!! :D
  14. Principessa N

    Principessa N Minimins Addict

    Wow you can really see the difference, I guess it can be hard to see the difference in ourselfs because we see ourselves everyday. But in those pics it really shows, well done hun.
  15. ** Just Jools **

    ** Just Jools ** Slow & steady does it!!!!

    There's a huge difference hun. Well done. Keep up the good work. :D x
  16. Tanari

    Tanari 100% Focused

    Well I can see a difference. Wll done on your 3stones + lost. Keep it up
  17. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    Agreed! x
  18. nannydi

    nannydi wants a new body

    you look good hun
    can see you have lost weight on your face and neck and also your shoulders look smaller on new pic
  19. Treats

    Treats Silver Member

    Well Done Mindy!!!! You must feel so proud... the good thing with taking photos of your stages... when you get to your goal... you will look in the mirror and then the photo and think... WOW..I did it!!!

    You can really see how much you have lost .. you now have the appearance of a longer neck... slimmer declotage and your face shape has changed too!

    Was just thinking lol.. we are all saying this and it is meant in the nicest way... but for a split second I thought oh... I hope she realises we are saying this in a positive way... You are looking fantastic! So keep it up Mindy!
  20. charliegirl

    charliegirl Silver Member

    Mindy there is a big difference its taken years off you....well done...xx
  21. Melanie

    Melanie Over half way to target

    Looking good.

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