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Missing KFC and Nandos!!

Hi all,

Has anyone mastered the art of ignoring those wanting KFC or Nando feelings!! I miss it so much, especially my Zinger Tower Burgers with mayo and spices!! YUM!!!

If only there was KFC flavoured CD Soup!!

Anyone else suffering?

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yeah! I find SATURDAY nights really hard! HAve had my last soup ! and DYING for a curry! and beer
lol... I am more thinking... by end of summer I can have my KFC :ashamed0005:


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I walked past Nando's the other day and would have LOVED to walk in but yes, i did feel smug walking past, walking to slimdon, not sitting there stuffing my face like a fatty. Every minute i don't each and every step i take is me getting nearer to my goal weight. I know the saying is done to death BUT...keep your eye on the prize.....and the bikini you can wear in the summer!
On day one... which was tuesday just gone I was craving KFC..... I finished work at 10pm and got to my car and thought no one would know if I went and got a KFC as it was only day one. Then I thought to myself that I would be really proud if I didn't have one come the morning. So I drove home and straight past the KFC and had nothing! On Weds morning I went to the Benefit counter (I adore their makeup) and treated myself to a lip gloss!!! As I keep saying to myself its just short term pain for long term gain!
I am really sad! I walk past and take a good smell ... and think of the good times in there!! haha!
What is Nando's I've read it on a couple of UK sites but dont know what it is

I love kfc but I suspect it will be few and far between for me in the future :)
Nando's is all about the chicken. The chicken comes in various degrees of hotness, from Lemon and Herb to really Hot Peri Peri!

Mrs B

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Was just about to ask the same, what's Nandos? I like to know what I'm missing out on. I love KFC. That advert for the bites just kills me.

Ohhh, thanks Spikylady Nando's sounds fab. I wonder where the nearest one is - I can go next year, lol.
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Oh sounds just up my street, glad we dont have them in Ireland, the temptation might be too much for me ;)
i heard you can have nandos on your AAM week... but only the chicken fillet Extra Hot!! with the tiny bit of salad!! - can't wait til next week!!:D
i hate saturday nights as its was always take away, bottle of wine and dvd night i so miss it.

so instead ive had a nice bath got my glass of water and thinking about next year when ill be able to do it but not every saturday, friday, sunday or even monday night lol ashley xx

Mrs B

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S: 24st1.7lb C: 23st1.1lb BMI: 53.8 Loss: 1st0.6lb(4.32%)
Now see what you've done! There's one only 46 miles from me, lol. And I'm on AAM. Please, someone tell me it's not true.
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lol... I am more thinking... by end of summer I can have my KFC :ashamed0005:

I used to think exactly the same, I was a chicken fillet burger girl, but I haven't had one yet and the urge for one has all gone! Hang in there xxx
Seriously, that is what I have heard!! And my CDC also agreed!! but to honest, unless it is the nandos Chicken Burger - not really the same :( - lol


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So when we can all eat out- what will the healthy choice be?
I think KFC will always be a baddy as I suspect it is all deep fried and mayo is like poring lard down yer neck! ( trying to convince myself!!)
Is Nandos okay- do they roast them there chickens ? ( Never been to Nando's)
I am looking forward to having chicken or fish tandoori- or even tandoori mixed grill as that it not fried.
Only have about 9 months to wait.....
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Just keep thinking about how fatty KFC is and remeber that is not what is best for you! You want to be thin so dont do it!!! Keep in there xx
Nando's is awesome, i have been craving it for months, but just restarted my diet so im gonna treat myself next month, they grill the chicken, but it is very high in calorie, so im sure its not allowed for add a meal, sorry girlies... but hey at least when you go up a plan you can go there and eat, also their corn on the cob is LOVELY, and they have salad too... stay away from CHIPS thats why i think ive been staying away, lol... good luck xxx

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