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Missing Shakes!!!!!

Hi Guys,

I don't know whats up with me but I'm on day 10 of lipo and I can't face a having a shake, I am not remotely hungry, I wouldn't even have food if I could to be honest. Last shake I had was yesterday at 3pm and I've had just water since. I had horrible stomach pains yesterday and that put me off my evening shake so I went and got fibre clear this morning but I still can't face having my morning shake. Will missing a few make any difference?????
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jen you have to have the shakes hun,i can understand how you feel but without them you will be very ill,they have all the vits you need so drinking them is very important ,i know you are not hungry but you must have them i often for get and end up having them all really close together and that makes you feel really bloated,if you dont have them your body will go into starvation mode and your weight loss can actually slow down ,if that sounded a bit harsh then i must apologise i dont want you collapsing go make a shake hun xxx


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I am still very new but i have been using mine like coffee whitener... Little and often.. it doesn't feel like i am eating either, maybe trying this may help (if you are caffine addict like me, that is)
Take care xxx
Thanks Ladeis. Yeah I knida know I shouldn't be missing them so I'll get my first one into me asap. I can't wait for the fibre clear to work cause I am so uncomfortable maybe if I felt a bit better internally(if you know what I mean) the shakes would go down a bit easier. Nictastic I couldn't do that with them I just have to get them down while more or less holding my nose..... I had a peek on the scales this morning but nothing off I'm hoping the fiber clear will helps this too.... I'm not half depending on fiber clear to solve all my problems am I??????

Thanks again.

Thanks again


weighs a lot less
ive never had toilet trouble ,graffic bit coming up ....dont try and force a poo just wait till you cant hold it anymore and try sipping warm water xx
Hi, personally I think you need something stroner than fibreclear, it didn't do a thing for me .Iuse senokot and still get constipated but not as bad. Personally,Idon't think fibreclear is worth a carrot.


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Have you thought about making a porridge from vanilla shake and psyllium husk? Works to cure constipation a treat (trust me...), as it adds something solid to your diet and makes the bowels 'wake up'.

I know how you feel, I often don't want my shakes and would be happy with just water and coffee some days. But you must have them, maybe if you treat it as medicine it won't seem so bad.
Hope it gets better for you soon!

Ah no don't say fiber clear is no good I am literally pouring the stuff into at this stage. I love the porridge idea I will try it this evening if I can get my paws on psyillum husk???? I love ordinary porridge and would normally have it every day which always keeps me regular so this diet has really thrown my system into tormoil. I am so sorry for all those who are turned off there shakes by this conversation but the pain from constipation really is awful.....and the nausea too.


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I thought you werent allowed to eat anything on LT?


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I think you can get psyllium husk in health food shops, I got mine on ebay though, it was really cheap for loads.
Didn't realise you were allowed anything else ..porridge sounds good tho lol mmmmmm:D


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
I might check that with LT XX
Aww hun you definitely need to get all 3 down you xx

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